Relive Willie Nelson’s Hilarious Super Bowl Ad from 2004

by Halle Ames

In a hilarious Super Bowl ad from 2004, H&R Block introduced the world to the Willie Nelson (awful) Advice Doll.

The country music outlaw legend teamed up with the tax preparation company H&R Block to give advice on what you shouldn’t do when it comes to your financials. And that is listening to Willie Nelson.

The doll looks just like Nelson from the red bandana, and the long braids and beard, to the black t-shirt and overalls. The toy also had a string in the back that, when pulled, will agree with you and condone your bad decisions.

Willie Nelson Give Bad Advice, Even in Doll Form

“Are taxes and finances getting you down? Get the Willie Nelson advice doll!” says the cheesy voice over. The man on the screen searches frantically through a massive stack of paper and gives up with his head in his hands.

“It’s perfect for any advice,” agrees Willie Nelson as he pulls the string, and the doll says, “Correctamundo!”

In theory, listening to a plastic version of the 87-year-old artist that is literally known for his recreational drug use might sound enticing. However, we quickly realize this is not the case.

The clip cuts to a woman throwing her tax papers in the air while yelling, “Taxes are complicated! Is guessing a good idea?” She pulls the doll’s string, where the miniature Nelson responds, “Willie would.”

We definitely do not condone this! However, we might take a second to consider the next one.

“401K? Well, I thought a bass boat was a better investment, and Willie agreed!” says a man with a southern accent standing in front of his new water vehicle.

“I’m down with it,” says the doll.

Well, should I… no, no, no… Yeah, no, that’s a bad idea.

The H&R Block people come back with their professional advice.

“Get the right advice, the H&R Block advantage. Tax advice personalized for your life.”

And just for good measure, we get one more example of why you shouldn’t listen to Willie Nelson.

The video cuts to a bench-clearing baseball fight, where the coach quickly asks his trusty doll if he should “Give this kid a shellackin’?” Where you hear someone yell, “Bring it on!” followed by a round of “ohhhhh..”

A pretty funny commercial by just about anyone’s standards. But yeah, we probably aren’t going to be listening to the doll or Nelson unless it tells us to clock out early to go fishing. We might seriously consider its wise advice then.