Remember Travis Tritt’s 2004 Ode to the Atlanta Falcons, ‘Falcons Fever’?

by Charles Craighill

While the Atlanta Falcons may be the farthest team away from playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday, fans still have one thing to take pride in. Regardless of the Falcons’ record, Travis Tritt’s 2004 ode “Falcons Fever” will always feel appropriate. The Atlanta anthem will never go out of style around Peachtree Street.

The country music legend has been a die-hard Atlanta Falcons fan since childhood. Tritt grew up in Marietta, Georgia, just a short drive from Mercedes Benz Stadium where the “Dirty Birds” take the field. He has always worn his team’s colors proudly, no matter what the circumstances. He will always be the first to congratulate players after a win and the first to console them after a loss. Whether on social media or through the act of songwriting, Travis Tritt is an Atlanta Falcons fanatic.

For instance, when the Falcons made their Super Bowl run in 2017, Travis Tritt led the charge for the fans. “Growing up in Marietta, GA, I have been a lifelong Falcons fan,” said Tritt in a press release. “Obviously, I am thrilled that my home team is going to the Super Bowl this year. I have a severe case of ‘Falcons Fever’ and I will be cheering them on in Houston on February 5,” Tritt claimed back in 2017. His unwavering support didn’t vanish after the heartbreaking loss, either. Rine or shine, win or lose, Travis Tritt is an Atlanta Falcons fan for life.

Travis Tritt Looks Forward to the Super Bowl

While his beloved Atlanta Falcons won’t play this year in the Super Bowl, Travis Tritt looks forward to the big game none the less. He posted a throwback picture to Twitter ahead of the matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. That game will kick off on Sunday at 5:30 pm on CBS.

Travis Tritt has also appeared in the Super Bowl Halftime Show before. In 1994, ten years before the release of his Atlanta Falcons Anthem, Travis Tritt played at the Halftime show for Super Bowl XXVIII. The Dallas Cowboys defeated the Buffalo Bills 30-13 in that game. For the halftime show, some of country music’s biggest names took the stage in Atlanta. Tritt along with Clint Black, Tanya Tucker, Wynona Judd, and Naomi Judd to perform.

The Pain of Loving the Atlanta Falcons

Being a die-hard Falcons fan for as long as Travis Tritt has comes with its difficulties. Sure, you have your good seasons. In 2016-2017 we saw the Atlanta Falcons make it to the Super Bowl. They even had a solid lead for three-quarters of the super bowl, but if you mutter the numbers “28” and “3” to anyone within the 285 perimeter highway, you are asking for immediate hands.

You can look at the history of the Atlanta Falcons and say “hey, it’s not that bad,” but you would be missing the point. The main source of pain in cheering for any greater Atlanta sports team lies in the hope they bring. Yes, the Falcons have had great seasons, promising teams, even a Super Bowl run. But they can never keep the promises they give. Just take a look at the past few decades or so in Atlanta.