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Review: Hayes Carll Has Something for Everyone on His New Album ‘You Get It All’

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Rick Kern/WireImage for Shock Ink via Getty Images)

Some of our readers may only be familiar with Hayes Carll from Yellowstone. His song “Drunken Poet’s Dream” – a co-write with Ray Wylie Hubbardwas in an episode of the show’s third season. However, he has been releasing skillfully penned tunes for almost 20 years now. He dropped his eighth studio album, You Get it All, on October 29.

Hayes Carll announced the album back in July of this year. About it, Carll said, “This is a country singer-songwriter record. It’s just unapologetically me,” according to JamBase.  

Hayes Carll released four songs that showed exactly what he meant. From “Help Me Remember,” a slow tear-jerker about the horrors of Alzheimer’s to the toe-tapping title track, the tunes were country gold.

Throughout the album’s 11 tracks, Hayes Carll takes listeners on a journey across the country music map. He goes from his Texas roots in “Nice Things” to the Appalachian-flavored “Any Other Way” to the Nashville shine of “In The Mean Time” and hits just about everything in between. You Get It All has something for everyone.

Standout Tracks from You Get It All

Even after sitting with Hayes Carll’s new record for more than a week, it’s hard to pick the best songs. However, I think this is a good selection that shows the range of the record as well as the man behind it.

 “Nice Things”

Hayes Carll leans hard on his Texas roots in the album opener. Telecaster twang? Check. Fiddle? Check. Boot-tapping beat? That too! However, that’s not what makes “Nice Things” so great. The lyrics are the key, here.

It’s a humorous song about God coming down to Earth to tell everyone how they’re doing one another wrong and destroying the world. It reminds me of John Prine’s “Your Flag Decal Won’t Get You Into Heaven Anymore,” and it immediately hooked me. No matter how many times I spin You Get It All, this remains a favorite. To me, the concept behind the song is one of the coolest I’ve heard in quite some time.

“Any Other Way” Featuring Aaron Raitiere

Don’t be surprised if you see “Any Other Way” in the Outsider Anthems series at some point. At its heart, the song is about living without regret. Everyone makes mistakes and gets hurt, but the difference is in how you deal with it. In “Any Other Way” Hayes Carl talks about the joy and pain that led him to his current rewarding life and he wouldn’t have any of it any other way.

 “You Get It All”

I’m a sucker for a good love song, especially when it’s an honest “warts and all” kind of tune. Hayes Carll captured that with the title cut from this record. He promises his wife that she’ll get every part of him, the good, the bad, and everything else. That’s what real love is all about. You don’t see many love songs with this kind of honesty. So, tunes like “You Get It All” are refreshing islands of sincerity in a sea of saccharine-sweet love songs.

Final Verdict Hayes Carll’s You Get It All

If you like real, honest, from-the-heart songwriting and you haven’t heard this new Hayes Carll record, you’re missing out. Sonically, it encompasses several of the styles that we classify as country. More importantly, it showcases Carll’s progression as a songwriter. Do yourself a favor and give it a spin.