Riley Green Chases Big Game in Majestic Montana Hunting Pics

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images)

Late summer and early fall mark the start of hunting season across the United States for many hunters. As some of our favorite country stars gear up for the long-awaited season, country singer Riley Green just took to the Montana mountainside in pursuit of some major game, namely elk.

He shared the scenic trip to his Instagram and the photos capture some awesome views as well as some gorgeous elk.

Based on the photos, Riley Green took to the dirt with his bow on his back, hiking mountainsides and stopping for some majestic outdoorsy photos on the way. While fans went nuts over Green’s fit, his pecks, and his overall appeal, others were jealous at the size and beauty of the game he was chasing in the mountains.

One of the photos features both a male and female elk, the male stunting a rack of 10 or 11 points, we’re not quite sure. The animal gazes directly at the viewer and we can’t help but admire the power and grace with which these animals carry themselves.

“That’s a beautiful rack!” commented one follower, and others agreed. “So beautiful,” another commented.

Numerous other fans couldn’t get over how attractive Green is, one fan even claiming, “it should be illegal to be that FINE.” Although, personally, while I don’t necessarily disagree, I sort of wish there were more photos of the elk.

Riley Green Exhibits the Best Outsider Qualities

While many country superstars pride themselves as much on their outdoorsmanship as on their music careers, Riley Green shares an equally huge passion for both. While his most recent Instagram post featured his latest elk hunt, the singer can be found pursuing all kinds of game year-round.

Further, as the coronavirus pandemic ravaged the U.S., forcing mass shutdown and quarantines, Green nevertheless found himself in his element. He spent much of the time outside, running down deer and taking out duck after duck.

Additionally, he highlighted one of his fondest hunting partners, his gorgeous yellow lab, Jazzy. One of his earlier posts features the pup as a “pretty blonde,” further demonstrating his love for the lab.

Jazzy also made an appearance a few weeks ago on International Dog Day, where Green further exhibited his love for Jazzy, dogs, and animals in general.

Jazzy features in several other of Green’s posts. One of his other posts feature himself, Jazzy, and a can of Busch beer. He writes, “If only I could find a girl that loves hunting and @buschbeer as much as Jazzy does.” He follows it with the hashtag, #mygirljazz and if you didn’t love Riley Green before, how can you not love him now? After all, dog is man’s best friend and if anyone is to be a good judge of character, we’d assume it would be Jazzy.