Riley Green Throws it Back To His College Football Days After Alma Mater Jacksonville State’s Big Win Over Florida State

by Thad Mitchell

Before he became country music superstar Riley Green, the singer and songwriter was college football star quarterback Riley Green.

It’s something that some country fans are unaware of but, yes — Riley Green was once a college football player. Green spent his collegiate years at Jacksonville State University where he was the starting quarterback for the Gamecocks for a couple of years. Adding even more intrigue to the story is the fact that Riley Green did not receive an athletic scholarship to attend the school. Instead, Riley Green walked on the team and eventually became the starting quarterback for Jackson State. He would go on play for the team from 2007 to 2009, playing in a few big games for the team before eventually ending his football career to focus on music. Country fans are certainly glad he made that choice as Riley Green’s star continues to rise in the music industry.

The Jackson State Univerity Gamecocks pulled off a shocking upset Saturday. In what may be the team’s biggest win in a while, Jackson State defeated the Florida State Seminoles by a score of 20-17. The upset victory sent shockwaves through the world of college football. Riley Green, excited by his alma mater’s victory, took the opportunity to remind fans that he was once a big-time collegiate athlete. He took to social media to share a pic from his old playing days.

“Good time for a throwback,” Riley Green says in the Twitter post.

The photo shows Green rolling out of the pocket, looking to throw the ball downfield to an open receiver. he certainly looks poised to make a big play in the pic

Riley Green Fans Respond to Football Photo

Fans of the country music star admired the photo he shared and several had no idea he once played collegiate football. Riley Green fans were quick to praise the singer for his multitude of talents.

“So you’re a great singer, a great songwriter, and a great athlete,” a fan says in response to the social media post. “Do you have any other problems?”

“First picture I’ve ever seen of you in uniform,’ another fan writes. “Uniform looks good on you.”

While he eventually found his true calling in country music, Riley Green once had visions of playing professional football. He says he deeply enjoys the game of football and still watches it, but now his passion is for living on the lighted stage.

“As a kid, I wanted to be the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys,” he says in a recent interview. “My dream was complete by coming up here (Jackson State University) to play football. It was around that time I started going out and playing music in bars and kind of realizing I had another passion that wasn’t athletics.”