Riley Green Shares Cover of Merle Haggard Hit ‘That’s the Way Love Goes’

by Amanda Glover
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Country singer Riley Green recently shared his cover of a Merle Haggard hit, and we’re loving it! Now, all we have to do is wait for the Alabama-born musician to put out that cover album. And as we know, the man loves covering himself some classic country songs, and Haggard is one of his favorites.

Earlier today, Riley Green shared an acoustic cover of “That’s the Way Love Goes” by the late Merle Haggard. Let me tell you, Outsiders, we’re always excited to see these videos pop up on our social media.

Green’s caption read, “For me, the measure of a great country song means I never get tired of it, I never grow out of it, and it always takes me somewhere. No matter how old it is. One of my favorites. What’s y’all’s favorite classic COUNTRY song?”

Fans in Green’s comments were quick to respond to his question. “Silver Wings or Natural High,” one fan named two of Haggard’s songs.

Another country lover found themselves in the country holiday spirit with the song, “Pretty Paper” by Willie Nelson.

‘That’s the Way Love Goes:’ Merle Haggard Wasn’t the Only Artist to Record the Song

In case you didn’t know, the song was the title track and second single from Merle’s 1983 album. Not only that, but he really did love the song years back when he heard Lefty Frizzell’s original version.

Lefty originally wrote the song with Sanger Shafer. Johnny Rodriguez first recorded the song for his 1973 album “All I Ever Meant to Do Was Sing.” It was the second single from that record and managed to peak at #1 on the Billboard U.S. Hot Country Songs chart.

However, Merle’s version also shot to the top of the charts. It even became his 30th #1 hit after it hit the top spot on the Billboard U.S. Hot Country Songs chart in 1984. That same year, his version of “That’s the Way Love Goes” won him a Grammy Award for Best Country Vocal Performance.

Riley Green Covered Another Merle Haggard Country Classic

As we said, Riley Green loves covering himself some country classics. Last year, he shared an acoustic cover of Haggard’s 1980 hit, “The Way I Am,” and I can’t get over how smooth his voice sounded.

Written by Sonny Throckmorton, the song was the lead single and title track on Merle’s popular record. It also reached #2 on the US Billboard Country Songs chart the year it was released.

However, Green wasn’t the only artist to cover this thrilling classic. It was also covered by artists such as Alan Jackson for his 1999 album “Under the Influence,” and Cody Jinks on his 2016 album “I’m Not the Devil.”

With the way Green’s covers are looking now, we can only wait to view and hear which masterpiece he comes out with next.