Riley Green Covers ‘Dixieland Delight,’ Debuts ‘Hell of a Way To Go’ on Live Album

by Jonathan Howard

Today is a great day for new music and Riley Green added to all of that with a new live album and a cover of Dixieland Delight. On top of that, Green debuted his new song Hell of a Way To Go inspired by his grandmother. Because, if there’s one thing about his music, Green is going to draw inspiration from his hometown and family.

Any new recording or album will satisfy Riley Green fans, and the addition of a classic like Dixieland Delight is just a cherry on the top.

Green’s ‘Dixieland Delight’

This album is a big deal for Green. He cut some great tracks here. From Different ‘Round Here to his new song and the cover mentioned earlier. It hits all the points and checks the boxes you want a live country music album to hit.

There is no doubt that Green has a dedicated fan base. You can hear it on the album and in the videos that he put out on his YouTube page.

So, check out Riley Green’s version of Dixieland Delight and see what you think about it.

So, he did some old stuff, he did a cover. Of course, you gotta throw a new track on there, too. Green has only played this track on the road up until now, and he still hasn’t cut a studio recording. However, after explaining a little back story for the song, he goes right into it on his new album. So, give Hell of a Way To Go a listen as well.

Riley Green and Tim McGraw Mingle at Big Machine Event

Before the big release, it seems that Big Machine had a little bit of a party. It could have been to celebrate the release of We Out Here: Live or it might have been just a company get-together. Regardless, two of the label’s big stars got together. Riley Green and Tim McGraw snapped a pic together.

McGraw and Green are both Big Machine artists. So, could they end up working together in the future? Fans can only hope and pray that day comes some time down the road. For an artist like Green, getting to talk and hang out with someone like McGraw must be invaluable. He’s done about everything a country singer can do from music to TV and film. So, the 1883 star might have given some pointers to the younger singer-songwriter.