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Riley Green Is Firing Up the Grill for Mom on the 4th of July: ‘Steaks and Chicken’

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Mary Clavering/Young Hollywood/Getty Images

Country singer Riley Green knows you can’t have the 4th of July without a grill out. The “If It Wasn’t For Trucks” singer will be manning the grill this Independence Day.

Green recently hit the road performing live music again for the first time in the better part of a year. But the country singer is taking some time away from the road to spend the holiday with family. For one, he’s going to treat his mother to a Southern-style grill out at his home in Alabama.

[My mom] knows how much I like to grill. I built my house in Alabama and I’ve never had a place that I could go cook. And I sorta enjoy cookin’ a little bit, grilling especially,” Riley Green said in a statement, via Big Machine.

Some people enjoy an old-fashioned hamburger for the holiday. But Green will be sizzling up some steaks and chicken for his guests. Meat is definitely on the menu at the Green household, and the country singer wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I’m not a big vegetable guy. I’m still like a kid, I like cheese and sauce.  So, I do a lot of steak and chicken and I haven’t grown out of that not-eating-vegetables phase yet,” Green confessed. “So, she’ll usually run to the grocery store and get me some steaks and chicken and just have it laid out for me. And that’s one thing that I appreciate goin’ home, is gettin’ to kinda just work in my own kitchen I guess. So, she usually lets me cook for everybody and she’ll call up some of the family and kinda gather everybody around.”

Riley Green Reveals Secrets to Hunting

Of course, Riley could always serve up something he caught himself as well. Like several other singers, Green is a country boy at heart and feels more than at home in the woods. During the global pandemic, Green spent his downtime, when he wasn’t songwriting, out on the prowl for deer.

And just ask his Instagram followers because the singer is a natural at it, posting 8-point buck back in December. He’s even willing to share some of his hunting tips with fans. He created a tutorial video for his followers: “People are always askin me how I have so much success in the deer woods… well here y’all go.”

Green reveals that it helps to have a tabby cat that’s even more of a natural hunter than he is. In the video, Riley showed off his secret weapon. Buckshot may take down deer, but it’s Green’s tabby cat that helps him find the animals in the first place.

“In order to have success in nature, you’ve gotta get close to nature,” Green said in the video. “This cat has seen every deer on this property. So I bonded with it, then we’re going to turn it loose and follow it… Figure out where the deer are at.”

Of course, deer season is still a long way off. So Green will probably be sticking to steak and chicken to celebrate the Fourth.