Riley Green Returns To Empty Stadium To Greet Fan

by Jonathan Howard

Artists and musicians are able to make a big difference in people’s lives. Riley Green put that on display the other night. After a show, Green came back to the empty arena to meet a big-time fan.

In a post on Instagram, the country music singer is seen posing with the fan in question. There isn’t a soul in the seats around them, but it looks like it was a good visit. It is so great to see an artist take the time to do something like this. Check it out below.

“I get to see and do some pretty cool things in the line of work I’m in,” Justin Crisler said in his caption. “This is one of those moments that I absolutely love being able to witness. After his show, @rileyduckman was informed about a fan wanting to meet him after everyone had already departed the concert. He didn’t hesitate to come back to the arena to visit with this awesome fan. I love seeing the real side of these performers, the side that many don’t get the opportunity to witness. Proud of you Riley, keep being you!”

Truly, what a wonderful gesture and action from Green. The best part about it, if it wasn’t for this post from Crisler, no one would have known about it. The country artist didn’t make a big deal of it and stayed lowkey on his own social media. Just a genuine action from a genuine guy.

Other than touring and playing shows, Riley Green just played a new song for the first time. Fans are always hyped up when new music drops. That is no different for Green’s fanbase.

Riley Green Plays Unreleased Tune ‘Song on The Radio’

One part of Riley Green’s success is his storytelling. That is at the heart of the best country songs ever written. So, it comes as no surprise that the singer’s new song has those same elements. Less than 100 miles away from Jacksonville, AL where he grew up, Green played the song to a loving crowd.

This song has allusions to college football, listening to those old songs on the radio, fishing, and doing all those small-town things. Fair warning, if you are a Tennessee Volunteers fan, you might not want to listen to this song. It could change your mind about the artist entirely! Just kidding, but he does take some jabs at the Vols in the chorus.

With this song, fans are wondering if Riley Green is planning on putting out more new music. He has already put out a small project in 2021. However, there is nothing stopping him from dropping even more new tracks.