Riley Green Shares Camo-Clad Photos After Successful Duck Hunt

by Jennifer Shea
John Shearer/CMT2020/Getty Images for CMT

Country singer Riley Green is spending the pandemic like a true hunter.

“We out here,” Green tweeted Saturday, alongside pictures from a duck hunting expedition under clear blue skies.

Green is an experienced duck hunter. And he’s blended hunting and country music in more than just his tweets. 

Last year, Green went hunting in Arkansas with country musician Thomas Rhett. And according to radio station K102, he even wrote a catchy song about Rhett’s hunting skills.

It goes: “I’m here with Thomas Rhett just hanging at the lodge. Hope tomorrow he doesn’t wear orange camouflage. He doesn’t realize that deer aren’t color blind. Think we’ll leave him back in the duck blind.”

Green even hosts a hunting show, “Halo Country.” Since the pandemic began, he’s also launched a new YouTube series, “The Golden Saw Series.” The title is a tribute to his great-grandfather, who gave that name to a house the family remodeled into a music hall 15 years ago.

“From the time I was a kid I always loved hunting and fishing,” Green told Southern Living recently. “There’s something about being out in the woods that just gets me. There are moments—like watching the sun come up in the middle of a swamp in Arkansas—I struggle to imagine how anybody wouldn’t enjoy that.”

Moreover, he loves taking road trips to go hunting with his friends. And when he needs to find his center, a trip to his hometown in Alabama is in order. But in both cases, Green prefers to be outdoors.

“Playing country music is a great way to make a living, but it can be very stressful,” Green said. Also, “being outdoors is the best way I know how to relax — away from crowds and cell service. It feels good to disconnect sometimes.”