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Riley Green Shares Results of Successful Arkansas Duck Hunt

by Jennifer Shea
Jason Kempin/CMT2020/Getty Images for CMT

Country singer Riley Green is passionate about hunting, and he’s sharing his passion with his followers on social media. 

“Got after them green heads this morning,” Green tweeted Friday, above a photo of himself with an armful of dead ducks. “#weouthere #quackquackboom #mallards #arkansas #stache #floodedtimber.”

Green Hunts Often

That’s not the only recent quarry Green has bagged, either. Earlier this month, he shot an 8-point buck in the backwoods of Louisiana. 

Before that, he took down a massive deer in rural Illinois. And before that, he shot a buck in Texas. 

Hunting is an integral part of Green’s lifestyle. He told Hook & Barrel last year that he still remembers his first hunt. And what got him hooked is what draws him back to hunting even now.

“The first time I went deer hunting, I fell in love with it,” Green said. “I remember getting off work and going in the woods to try and catch this deer. I had a camera and all that. It’s still the same stuff that I enjoy about it today, what got me hooked on it to start with: The chase.”

Hunting Across the Country

Riley Green grew up in Alabama. He’s since traveled all over the country to hunt. And he says he’s found more favorable hunting conditions elsewhere compared to back home.

“I remember walking 400 yards through places that were just pull-your-boots-off with mud, just to get in there and possibly see a duck,” he told Hook & Barrel of his early hunting experiences. 

Still, he finds that especially now, with his music career taking off, hunting provides a welcome escape. It keeps him grounded.

“For me to be able to go out in the woods, where I don’t have good cell service, and get away for a few hours, that’s where my enjoyment comes from it now,” Green said. “To disconnect and get out in the woods like that, I don’t know that I haven’t written a lot of songs out there and don’t even realize it.”