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Riley Green Shares Updates on Another Successful Duck Hunt

by Charles Craighill
(Photo by John Shearer/CMT2020/Getty Images for CMT)

On Instagram earlier today, the young country music singer Riley Green posted some pictures from another successful duck hunt. The “If It Wasn’t For Trucks” singer has had a very prolific quarantine from the duck blind and deer stand. He has joined the large and still increasing number of folks who have taken advantage of the alone time.

“Swipe to see a pretty blonde that got her first duck,” Riley Green says in the caption. Upon swiping, you find that he refers to a slightly different blonde than expected. Instead of posting a picture of a girlfriend, he shares a picture of his gorgeous and photogenic yellow lab.

Will Riley Green Find Love in 2021?

Apart from his absolute love for hunting, Riley Green hasn’t seemed to find a girlfriend in a while. Sources have confirmed that the 32-year-old has had at least one girlfriend in the past. However, he has stayed on the market for most of the past few years. Perhaps that is by choice, as the handsome country music superstar could easily find a willing participant.

He has mused about finding a girlfriend on Twitter, though not entirely seriously. “Thinkin’ about gettin’ a girlfriend so I can call her “momma” like A.C. Slater,” Green posted to Twitter almost a year ago. “Also really Thinkin about callin’ one of my friends “Preppy” from now on,” he added, both referring to Saved by the Bell.

He seems to have only thought about it and not acted on it yet. Aside from his hunting outings, he does a pretty good job keeping his personal life to himself. But for now, who can blame him? Riley Green has his guns and his beautiful new Labrador Retriever. Who needs love when you have hunting?

Country Music Loves to Hunt

Riley Green has not been the only country music star to hit the blinds hard during the pandemic. Ted Nugent has shared a few of his bountiful hunts to social media this season. Whiskey Myers and Cody Jinks have also found quite a bit of success from the ponds. For country music stars, hunting and fishing seem to be the number one pastimes for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.