Riley Green Shows Off His Bartending Skills in New Video

by Jonathan Howard

Did you know Riley Green does some bartending on the side? Well, sort of. His new video with Logan’s Roadhouse had him showing off. When it comes to serving up a beer or mixing a cosmo, the country singer can do it up for you if you need. His new video is inspired by his single, Behind the Bar.

In the new video, you can see Green eating some of the fine appetizers the Roadhouse has to offer. He also hops behind the bar for a bit and gets a couple of drinks made for nearby patrons. It looks like the country music star had a lot of fun filming it. Check that video out below.

Riley Green is hoping that bartending and some radio play will get his Behind the Bar song charting. The singer has had three songs total on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. His latest charting song was If It Wasn’t For Trucks. It was back in 2018 when his first hit single charted, There Was This Girl. It peaked at 11th on the country chart.

The 33-year-old singer has been really going at the country music thing since 2018. He released his debut album in 2019 and his sophomore effort, Behind the Bar, has been doing well since releasing in 2021. He is almost always on tour and puts on some great show for his fans.

Recently on his tour, Riley Green hasn’t been bartending but instead has been playing some covers of old country stars. Fans have been excited and entertained with the throwback songs being mixed into the setlist.

Riley Green Puts Bar Tending Aside, Plays Classic Country Songs

He wasn’t mixing drinks and pouring beers in these recent videos, but he did treat fans to some great covers from artists like Merle Haggard and Waylon Jennings. When these young country music singers take the time to pay tribute to the past, it is usually a great mix of the old and the new.

One video featured the Duckman himself playing some Hag. That’s The Way Love Goes isn’t always the first song people think of when they think of Merle. However, it is one of his great classics. Before the Haggard cover, he played a little Waylon Jennings.

Where the Corn Don’t Grow is a great country song. Of course, the song was covered by Travis Tritt not long after Jennings made it a hit. So, this song has a lot of country music history behind it. Riley Green does a great job of paying his respects to the past. His covers are a special treat for fans every time.