Riley Green Was ‘Layin’ Em Down’ on His Most Recent Turkey Hunt: PHOTO

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

The spring hunting season is upon many folks in the United States. Riley Green took down a turkey in a recent hunt. The Duckman got himself a gobbler while enjoying the outdoors in his hometown of Jacksonville, Alabama. It’s that special time of year for the folks in the state and just a week into things, Green has nabbed himself a beautiful bird.

Alabama started its Spring hunting season on March 25 and it runs until May 8. This is the time of year that hunters are able to use decoys. A change from the fall season. Check out the Instagram post below and see the size of the bird that Green and friends took down.

Sorry to all you Mossy Oak folks out there, Riley Green wears Real Tree on his turkey hunts.

“It’s that time of year again,” he captioned his photos. “Layin’ em down on the farm.”

It looks like Green is taking the time to enjoy Jacksonville for a bit. He has more shows planned later this month. However, for the time being, he will take in his family and friends back home and maybe grab a couple more birds. The spring turkey season allows for a four-bird season limit. So, there could be more where that came from.

Maybe while he’s at home he’ll think of another song or two as well. He draws a ton of inspiration from his hometown and his upbringing in Jacksonville. So, who knows what he was thinking about sitting there waiting for some unfortunate tom to walk in front of his rifle. Green just released his first live album at the end of March.

Riley Green Takes a Break with Turkey Hunt

Right now, it is a busy time to be Riley Green. He’s got a new live album, tour dates coming up, and the usual responsibilities of being a country music singer. Finding a little time to relax and take a break is only going to be good for Green. However, fans can expect to see him live soon. If you can’t make it to a show, you can at least play his newest live album.

That live album features a cover of Dixieland Delight and a new song as well. Hell of a Way to Go has only been recorded on this live album. So, fans have some new material to put on repeat. Soon, Green will be touring the southeast. He has shows in Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida between April 9 and May 7. When the summer festival circuit starts, he’s bouncing all over the place from the west coast to Tenessee and back to Colorado.

It’s not a bad time to be a Riley Green fan.