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Ringo Starr Opens Up About Some of His Favorite Photos From Beatles Days

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by John Downing/Getty Images)

Like many of us, nostalgia comes in the form of old photos for Beatles icon Ringo Starr. The famous drummer is reliving his glory days with some old photos of the rock band. Collectively, he’s taking those memories and writing about them. Weighted with emotion, Starr is celebrating those moments in a new book entitled “Lifted: Fab Images and Memories of My Life with the Beatles from Across the Universe,” which will come out on Monday.

Per the New York Post, The Beatles drummer spent much of his time during the pandemic reminiscing about the 1960s, rock and roll, and his buddies. It brings him back to a culturally historic time when the Beatles were paving the way for a new world of music.

“Fabulous images of my Beatles days … have retained the magical and mysterious power to bring me back to those times and memories,” he writes. “Somehow seeing them helped me get back to seeing my life with the Fab Four through fresh and loving eyes,” Starr says of his new project.

Additionally, Starr co-authored the book with David Wild. And he shared what “Lifted” represents to Ringo Starr.

“The pictures in this book represent an emotional sense of what the Beatles mean in his life,” Wild said.

Reflecting on The Beatles Era

The two describe the photos while Starr shares his memories of Paul McCartney, and late Beatles George Harrison and John Lennon.

“It makes you realize the essential truth that they were four lads,” said Wild. “They were breaking ground on what a rock star would be and pioneering the idea of what a band would be. They were the first to understand that chemistry was everything and the importance of being in synch.”

He also adds:

“Ringo said something about ‘flower power’ when he saw this one,” Wild remarks on a photo of the group as they sit on a bench. “This photo would have been taken around the ‘Hey Jude’ era, when they were getting their own lives, going through changes, marrying, growing apart.”

Ringo Starr on “Working Together”

The Beatles spurred a craze for rock and roll, along with shaggy haircuts and ‘boy bands.’ Though each individual had their own creativity, when they came together, it was pure gold.

“The Beatles prove what people can do when they really work together. We were a great team who had a great time and did great work. It was a beautiful thing and part of the reason the music has lasted half a century,” Starr said.

Additionally, Starr’s own recollection of that time in his life reminds him of being like the president, only much more fun.

“It feels like we were on a magical mystery tour the whole time together. And, in a funny way, I suppose we still are.”

The Beatles famously split in 1969, opting to go their separate ways and create their own projects. Each individual released solo albums, including John Lennon – until he was shot and killed by a fan in 1979.