Robert Earl Keen Announces Benefit Concert With Tyler Childers

by Samantha Whidden

Robert Earl Keen announced he is officially retiring from touring, but on Saturday (January 22nd), the singer and songwriter announced a benefit concert with Tyler Childers. 

“HCYO CONCERT TICKETS ON SALE NOW!” Robert Earl Keen declared in his Instagram post. He also said that the show would be on February 26th at the Cailloux Theater in Kerrville, Texas. “For those of you that picked up on the clues, we are excited to announce the show will be featuring [Tyler Childers]. All proceeds go to the Hill County Orchestras.”

The news about the benefit concert with Tyler Childers comes just a little over a week after Robert Earl Keen announced his plans to officially retire from touring.

As previously reported, Keen revealed that after years of shows and 18 albums, he has decided to end his touring days. “You’ve heard people say, ‘Time flies.’ It’s a cliche,” he explained. “But there’s a funny thing about cliches. What makes them ubiquitous, is that they ring true. I’m a strong believer in clarity and truth. As much as I love what I do, it’s more important that I do it well, or not at all. I feel making a decision and quitting while I still love it is the way I wanna leave it.”

Robert Earl Keen currently has shows scheduled from January until mid-March. 

Robert Earl Keen Opens Up About Not Being on the Road in 2020

During a 2020 interview with American Highways, Robert Earl Keen opened ups bout not being on the road in 2020 due to the global health crisis. “I’ve been rejuvenated. I’ve been on the road for 30 years, playing 120 dates a year. And that doesn’t include travel. Really, I’m on the road 180 days a year. Some of it becomes repetitive.”

Keen also admitted that he was having a hard time getting up for touring. “I was just kind of wearing out. I’m enjoying making music. I’m enjoying finding a new avenue for creativity. I enjoy building the sets I made out here as much as I enjoy the music.”

Keen went on to add that he and his crew actually played a handful of shows. They also heavily vetted and pitched shows to make sure they were all safe. “The shows themselves are so strange and so far away from what I’m used to. Even some of the oddest shows, I’ve had in the past are nowhere near as odd as these shows.”

In regards to what he would be doing, if he wasn’t making any music, Keen added he would be doing something outdoors. “I like being outdoors. It occurred to me a few years back that I have written 90% of my songs outside. It could have been in a backyard, or by a campfire or something. I just want to be outdoors.”