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Rod Stewart Helps Fill in Potholes Near His Home So His Ferrari Can Drive Through

by Victoria Santiago
(Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images)

When iconic music star Sir Rod Stewart couldn’t get his Ferrari through the streets near his home due to potholes, he had a hands-on solution. The singer took it upon himself to fill in the potholes near his home in England. The British rocker lives in Harlow, Essex, which is about an hour outside of London.

Of course, he documented the experience and shared it online with his fans. Rod Stewart posted his experience on Instagram. He shared a video of him in a neon Hi-Viz safety vest. He was shoveling asphalt out of the back of a truck into huge potholes. However, Rod Stewart wasn’t the only one undertaking road maintenance that day. He had several friends helping him out with the potholes.

From the videos, it looked like Stewart and friends had picked an inopportune time to fill in all of the potholes. As if it isn’t already dirty work, the roads looked incredibly muddy and wet. Regardless, he seemed to have a positive approach to the experience, writing “Working for a living, filling holes is good for the soul!”

Rod Stewart Should Be Able To Get His Ferrari Through Now

In the videos shared on Instagram, Stewart talks us through his thought process. “This is the state of the roads near where I live in in Harlow and it’s been like this for ages,” he explained. “People are bashing their cars up.”

He also said that the government had been putting money into other roads. New York Post reports that the British government has put “millions of pounds” into the nearby M11 highway. His road, however, had been neglected.

“And the other day there was an ambulance for the first time, my Ferrari can’t go through here at all, so me and the boys thought we’d come out here and do it ourselves,” he added.

Fans Praise Stewart’s Action

Many fans were impressed by Rod Stewart’s asphalt skills. They weren’t surprised that he helped, though. “Legend Rod! That road is a nightmare!!! Appreciate it,” one commenter said.

Another agreed that the roads in Harlow had gotten ridiculous, and needed a lot of work to combat a rise in potholes. “Well said. I live in Harlow and the roads are getting a joke with the amount of holes,” they wrote.

A lot of people local to the area even commented asking for him to fix other roads, too. “Well done Rod,” they shared, before asking him to take care of some other roads in the area.

We doubt we’ll be seeing any other projects like this anytime soon from Stewart, but at least he’ll be able to drive his Ferrari through now.