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Rolling Stones Marking 60th Anniversary With Four-Part Series

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)

In 1962, The Rolling Stones took the stage for the first time at the Marquee Club in London. At the time, the five young men had way of knowing that they would one day be known as one of the greatest musical acts of all time. They had no idea that 60 years later, the world would celebrate The Rolling Stones and their decades-long success with a film series about their lives and music.

However, that’s exactly what’s happening this summer, with four, hour-long films entitled My Life As a Rolling Stone. To make the celebration even more spectacular, the film series is only part of a season of programming across television, radio, and digital platforms commemorating the incredible band.

My Life As a Rolling Stone will give fans an intimate look at each of the band’s legendary members. Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, and Charlie Watts will each discuss their memories of their nearly unparalleled careers in newly-filmed interviews. Other musicians, such as PP Arnold, Slash, Sir Rod Stewart, Tina Turner, and Steven Tyler will provide commentary as well.

Sadly, Charlie Watts will not be in the series himself, as the iconic drummer passed away last summer. That said, his story will still be included. Watts’ portions will contain tributes from his fellow band members, as well as other musicians and fans.

Music and TV Execs Give Thoughts on Upcoming Rolling Stones Series

Rolling Stones fans, of course, are anxiously awaiting the deep dive into the renowned rock band. But executives in both the music and television world have expressed their eagerness for the series as well. The Rolling Stones’ manager, Joyce Smith, called the upcoming series “fascinating.”

“We are thrilled to celebrate 60 years of The Rolling Stones with these four films,” Smith said. “These four films give fans around the world a new and fascinating look at the band.”

Lorna Clarke, controller of pop music at the BBC, gave her thoughts on the series as well. “What better year for the BBC, in its centenary year, to pay tribute to and celebrate one of the world’s most significant rock groups, in their 60th anniversary year.”

“The Rolling Stones have been ambassadors for great British rock ‘n’ roll for decades,” Clarke continued. “[They] are loved the world over. I’m thrilled that the BBC is able to present this very special season of programming, including the world-exclusive TV series, to our audiences.”

For Rolling Stones fans, My Life As a Rolling Stone is just part of this summer’s excitement. The Rolling Stones are also kicking off their SIXTY tour, consisting of 14 shows in 10 countries across Europe. The Stones, of course, will play all the classics at their anniversary tour.