Ronnie Dunn Defends Blake Shelton After Backlash Over ‘Minimum Wage’

by Quentin Blount

Country music star Ronnie Dunn took to social media on Monday to defend fellow musician Blake Shelton after he was facing backlash over lyrics in one of his new songs.

Dunn, of the music group Brooks and Dunn, gave his support for Shelton after his newest single, “Minimum Wage,” has been the cause of some negative backlash toward the award-winning singer and songwriter.

Shelton first debuted his newest song during NBC’s New Year’s Eve celebration event. While speaking with show host Carson Daly, he said that the song is about his love for his soon-to-be wife, pop star Gwen Stefani.

However, while Shelton says the theme of the song is about the love of his life, many critics are describing it as “tone-deaf.” They point to a specific lyric in the song in which it says that love makes a person feel rich despite financial insecurity.

“Girl, your love can make a man feel rich on minimum wage,” the song lyric goes.

Dunn took to Twitter to offer up his “two cents” and to show his support for a fellow musician and friend in Shelton. He says the Shelton backlash is just another “social issue” operating to divide the country.

“The ‘beef’ is yet another of those misguided social issue (cultural scams) that are concocted to further divide this country,” Dunn wrote. “I’m putting my money on the common sense of the common man to call bullsh*t on the forces at work to keep this country divided.”

Ronnie Dunn Offers His ‘Two Cents’

In his post on Twitter, Dunn explains that he “slept on a mattress on the floor in a musician friend’s spare bedroom and played BEER JOINTS / DIVE BARS for year before” he ever made even a “$100.” He also says that “most country singers pay dues and go through things to become successful that no sane human being would.”

The country star continues to say that he “grew up poor.” He mentions having a father who was an avid country music fan, truck driver, and oilfield worker and a mother who worked a “minimum wage” job as a small-town bank teller to help support her family.

Dunn requests his fans and followers to read the full lyrics to Shelton’s song before making negative comments. He then says “hell, I wish I’d written it.”

He signs off on the post as “American Made, Country Music singin’, song writin’ millionaire sumb*tch!”