Ronnie Dunn Drops New Music Video for Patriotic Song ‘Peace, Love, and Country Music’

by Clayton Edwards

On January 7th, Ronnie Dunn released a new music video for the song “Peace, Love, and Country Music.” It isn’t a new song, though. Fans of Dunn will recognize the song as the title track to his 2014 solo album. It may not be a new release but it is a timely one.

Ronnie Dunn released the song just one day after supporters of Donald Trump breached the United States capitol. The song and video seem like a response to that incident and other issues that America is currently facing.

Ronnie Dunn’s latest video features photos from the turmoil of 2020. There are images of protests as well as images of police embracing and praying with protesters. The video also contains photos from the Christmas Morning bombing in Nashville. These photos are interspersed with patriotic images including American flags, bald eagles, and the United States Capitol building. The video wraps up with a black screen and the hashtag “#GodBlessThisCountry” that fans can use to connect and discuss the song and, most importantly its sentiment.

Ronnie Dunn’s 2014 Song Hits Home in 2021

Ronnie Dunn’s latest music video is touching. However, it’s the lyrics of the song that truly hits home now. This is another one of those songs that feel like they were written about current events but weren’t. Eric Church’s “Doing Life With Me” is another prime example of this. It’s almost like the songwriters can tap into something that lets them see glimpses of the future without even knowing it.

The song, written by Chris Stapleton, Jameson Clark, and Tim James, is about more than its title would suggest. The second verse of the song truly drives home the meaning. “Every day I’m humbled and thankful/ For the things the good Lord has done/ I know some people are hurtin’/ So we sing for less fortunate ones/ Peace love and country music/ Lord we could sure use some more/ Peace love and country music/ Simple things worth fightin’ for.” The writing and Ronnie Dunn’s performance make this a truly moving song.

Given that the whole world has been in a tailspin for many people across the world since early last year, it doesn’t take an idealist to see that a little more peace and love would help. And more country music is never a bad thing.