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Ronnie Dunn Reveals Incredible Old School Brooks & Dunn Item He Keeps at Home Studio

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Ronnie Dunn, a popular country music singer-songwriter, went on the Bobby Bones show. During the show, the two talk about an important piece of memorabilia that Dunn keeps at his home studio.

The specific item is a drum set from Ronnie Dunn’s days of touring with ZZ Top. Undoubtedly, that would be a cool experience for anyone.

While most music fans who go to musicians’ shows get a piece of memorabilia from the show, Ronnie Dunn took it a step farther. Most people get t-shirts or things like that, but Dunn got a drum.

In the short clip that Bones put on his show’s Instagram, he doesn’t say exactly how he got the drum set but shares where he keeps the set now.

Ronnie Dunn and Bobby Bones Talk About a Special Drum From ZZ Top

Bobby Bones asks Dunn, “What is the coolest old school Brooks & Dunn thing you have at your house?”

Ronnie Dunn pauses for a moment before immediately landing on his answer. Again, he doesn’t specify how he comes by the drum, but he talks about how cool it is.

“At my house… ooh, man. Drums, from the last tour, the last rodeo. We had the guys… we toured for a couple of years with ZZ Top. And, uh, they always had the coolest drums, and you know, the craziest stage stuff. And Billy Gibbons turned me onto the guys down in Texas that built all of their drums. So, it’s a big ‘steer head drum’ that moves back and forth that blows smoke out of its nose, you know, and all that.”

Bobby Bones is clearly intrigued by the drum set, and prods Ronnie Dunn further about it.

“And where do you keep that in your house? Right there in your living room when you walk in?”

Dunn starts to answer but can’t because he’s laughing too hard at Bones making fun of where he keeps the drum. Eventually, Ronnie Dunn answers, despite him continuing to laugh.

“It’s down in the barn. You know, the barn is kind of where we record, in the studio that’s down there.”