Ronnie Dunn Shares Hysterical ‘Tiger King’ Tweet About Kix Brooks

by Jon D. B.

Ever thought Joe Exotic of “Tiger King” fame looked familiar – even eerily so? Ronnie Dunn agrees, and he’s got proof in the form of an excellent Brooks & Dunn throwback photo.

While it may feel like an eternity ago, it hasn’t been that long since the insanity of Netflix’s “Tiger King” docu-drama hit the streaming service and changed American pop culture forever. The show’s… intense… cast of real, one-of-a-kind characters took us all by surprise. Joe Exotic, in particular, became an icon – and for all the wrong reasons.

This isn’t stopping country veteran Ronnie Dunn from having a little “Tiger King” fun at his own expense, however. Taking to Twitter today, the Dunn half of iconic country duo Brooks & Dunn is lampooning his own trademark look. And for anyone who’s even baseline-familiar with “Tiger King” or Joe Exotic – you’ll see it right away.

“Kix has started a new duo with the guy’s brother that was eaten by the tiger on Netflix,” Dunn jokes in his caption. His latest tweet shows off a brilliant vintage promo shot of Brooks & Dunn – with Dunn himself a spitting image for none other than the Tiger King himself: Joe Exotic.

Kix Brooks & Ronnie Dunn: Magic in the Making

As incredibly vintage as the promo shot looks – it can’t be that old. Well, for most of us, at least. While the photo looks like it surely came from the late seventies or early eighties, iconic country duo Brooks & Dunn became a reality much more recently in 1991. Sure, that was over 30 years ago now, but (for this author, at least) – it surely doesn’t feel like it!

Prior to 1990, Kix Brooks and self-professed Joe Exotic look-alike Ronnie Dunn, were but solo artists performing their own music and songs. Then, executive Tim DuBois suggested they join forces – and the rest is history.

After signing to Artista Nashville in 1991, the duo went on to top the Hot Country Songs chart a whopping 20 times. They did so by recording eleven studio albums, five compilation albums, and 50 singles to date for the label. Iconic country staples, like their rendition of “My Maria” and “Aint Nothing ’bout You”, became household hits.

Unsurprisingly, Brooks & Dunn are far from the only country duo to recently reference the hit Netflix show. This past Thanksgiving, Brothers Osborne Jokingly Quoted ’Tiger King’s Carol Baskin in their Thanksgiving Message.

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