Rosanne Cash Fires Back at Columnist Who Said Paul Simon is a ‘Footnote’ to Bob Dylan

by Quentin Blount

Singer-songwriter and author, Rosanne Cash, took to social media on Sunday evening to take a shot at a columnist who wrote a piece for NBC News.

Cash is the eldest daughter of country music legend Johnny Cash. She often uses her official social media pages to promote her music or her latest book. But on Sunday, Rosanne Cash could not help herself. She had to call out columnist Jeff Slate on Twitter.

Just a few days earlier, musician Paul Simon sold his entire song catalog. That, of course, is no small thing. His incredible career in music spanned more than six decades to Sony Music Publishing. In doing so, he joins a group of older musicians who decided to cash in on the music from their careers. The value of the deal between Simon and Sony was not disclosed.

And while Simon is widely regarded as one of the best songwriters in popular music history, one online journalist didn’t quite give him the respect he deserves. Writer Jeff Slate wrote a piece where he says that Simon will end up as a “historical footnote to Bob Dylan.”

“Paul Simon sold his catalog to Sony for millions. He’ll still end up a historical footnote to Dylan,” Slate wrote. “He was a prolific songwriter with a lucrative catalog. But there are only a few names our descendants will ever learn.”

Meanwhile, Rosanne Cash was not having any of it. She promptly responded, calling out Slate and his claims.

“Sorry to pile on, @jeffslate, but Simon’s line ‘The Mississippi Delta was shining like a National guitar’ deserves its own Wiki page,” Cash tweets in reply. “That’s one line. I can say with absolute certainty that he will have his place in history as one of the greatest songwriters of the 20th Century.”

Rosanne Cash Defends Paul Simon

Not that a name like Paul Simon should need anyone to stand up for him, but it was pretty cool seeing Rosanne Cash come to his defense. After all, the 79-year-old Paul Simon is a 16-time Grammy Award winner.

He announced back in 2018 that he was going to finally retire from touring. In addition, he left a statement saying that he would eventually be handing over the rights to his music. “I am pleased to have Sony Music Publishing be the custodian of my songs for the coming decades.”

And Simon is just the latest to make that choice. He joins Bob Dylan, Stevie Nicks, and Neil Young as singers who have sold their song catalogs in the past year.

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