Rosanne Cash Shares Throwback Pic with Dad Johnny and Sesame Street’s Big Bird

by Jonathan Howard

It isn’t every day that we get a rare photo from the vault from Rosanne Cash. She shared a special photo of herself and her dad from 1991.

Over on her Twitter account, Rosanne posted the photo. Sometimes Johnny Cash is in a photo and it just makes you think, what didn’t that man do in his life? This is one of those photos. It features Johnny, Rosanne, and her daughter. Oh yeah, Big Bird is with them too, hanging out on Sesame Street.

“Me, my dad, and my daughter getting brainwashed by a yellow purveyor of government propaganda way back in 1991,” the tweet reads.

Rosanne Cash is one of those special connections we have to the past. Not just with her mom, June Carter, and her dad, but other artists as well. Through her own work as a singer-songwriter, Cash has met so many icons and uncelebrated stars in country, folk, and Americana. Truly, she has given fans a chance to look back at rare pictures and other media.

She is also all about honoring those icons of the past and the present. Earlier this year, when Nanci Griffith passed, Cash shared a wonderful throwback video as a tribute to the late singer-songwriter. Griffith is one of the unsung heroes in folk and Americana. Her absence has left a hole in the genre that will be hard to fill.

Rosanne Cash Honors the Late Nanci Griffith

When Nanci Griffith passed, it struck many in the industry differently. Rosanne knew her and had performed with her in the past. It was “Sometime in the 90’s,” when Cash joined Griffith on stage. They were with Mary Chapin Carpenter, and the show they put on was quite a special performance. To be in that crowd, how great that would have been.

The trio was at the Bottom Line in New York City. It was a songwriter-in-the-round show and each singer took their turns. Nanci performed Trouble in the Fields and it took the soul out of the crowd. While that performance isn’t on video, Rosanne shared another performance back in August of her late friend.

Trouble in the Fields was written in 1987. Griffith performed the song with Maura O’Connell and it was part of her Lone Star State of Mind album. Always one to be on the side of workers and the people, the song is about struggles that rural farmers faced in the 1980s. Many of her songs, like many other folk songs, contained messages on social ills or struggles.

Rosanne Cash keeps providing wonderful throwbacks for fans to enjoy. The singer-songwriter has such a special connection to the past and the present and shouldn’t be taken for granted. Even if it is just a picture with Big Bird.