Runaway June Singer Naomi Cooke Marries Musician From Pop-Rock Group Night Game

by Samantha Whidden

Runaway June songstress Naomi Cooke married Night Game bandmate Martin Johnson at an intimate ceremony in Maine last weekend.

Naomi took to her Instagram earlier this week to share a couple of snapshots from the gorgeous event. “Over the weekend, a small but might fortress of friends and family held hands in a circle around us as we turned the page into a brand new chapter of life as husband and wife,” Cooke writes in the post’s caption. 

The wedding was held at the Bald Mountain Camp Resort. Cooke says she was certain that time doesn’t exist nor matter at the location. “A place where the wild untamable beautify of the Northern Maine lakes and mountains are captured just enough to taste, smell, and hear,” she says. 

Naomi goes on to thank her friends, family, and organizers of the event by adding, “I’m so humbled by the talents, gifts, time, attention, and energy that ever last person so readily and selfishly gave to us, wanting nothing in return except for our happiness.”

Johnson also shared some snaps of the wedding on the Night Game Instagram page as well. Naomi Cooke and Martin announced their engagement in December 2020. Cooke reveals on her Instagram page a picture of the engagement ring on her finger with the caption, “By the look of my nails, he surprised me.”

Naomi Cooke Talks Creating All-Female Trio Runaway June

In a 2019 interview with Miami New Times, Naomi Cooke discusses how she helped create the all-female trio Runaway June. “It really happened organically for us, and the timing was just right,” Naomi states. She then said the trio’s sound was just kind of rootsy and organic. The writing was “feminine” while also being appealing to men. 

Naomi also says that the group represents a “gender disparity” that has been prevalent in the country music genre for far too long. “It kind of takes you aback. It really hits you when you look at the [music] charts,” Cooke explains. 

Cooke claims that one reason men have been dominating the music charts lately is because record labels preferring men’s lighter, pop-country styles. “Woman started writing this country stuff that never felt real or true. People want to hear that raw, emotional side from a woman,” Noami states. 

While also chatting about fellow country singer, Carrie Underwood, Naomi says that she believes Carrie is her generation’s Dolly Parton. “She’s so incredibly smart and talented. She’s just going, ‘Hey these two acts are on tour with me because they’re the best for the job. Not because they are women, but because they are the best.’” 

Naomi calls that the “true purpose” of equality.