Russell Dickerson Is Focused on Making His Best Music While Continuing His Streak of No. 1 Hits

by Jacklyn Krol

Russell Dickerson may have just released his latest record, Southern Symphony, in December 2020, but he is already gearing up for the next phase of new music.

Dickerson shipped his new single, “Home Sweet,” to country radio in January. His previous four singles (“Yours,” “Every Little Thing,” “Blue Tacoma,” and “Love You Like I Used To”) have all reached No. 1 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart. While Dickerson feels the pressure to continue his impressive streak, he’s using it as motivation to make his best music yet. 

“I’d be lying if I said no,” says Russell. “I just want to continue the streak as long as we can. So yeah, there’s definitely pressure, but I work really well under pressure, and I use it as a motivator for sure.”

The official release of “Home Sweet” included a touching music video that featured video footage of his family.

“I gotta give massive credit to my wife on this one,” says Russell. “Since day one, she has always been so intentional about getting footage of this crazy journey. The good, the bad, the empty crowds, the full crowds, the long van drives, the first time hearing my song on the radio—all of it. So when my team came to us with this concept, we already had all of the emotional footage ready.”

Russell’s Family Inspiration

Even though it’s only been four months since the release of Southern Symphony, Russell is already hard at work on his next record.

“I could go in and record three albums right now, honestly,” he says. “The songs that we have right now are already next level from Southern Symphony, and I could not be more pumped to start recording. Going into quarantine I had three number ones. Now to come out on the other side with literally the biggest song of my career and ‘Home Sweet’ taking off like it is, this live show is about to be completely different in a really big way.”

With the ongoing pandemic, everyone’s lives have drastically changed. Even Russell Dickerson’s personal life and career took a turn. Dickerson credits the time spent at home with his family as a positive that’s being reflected in his songwriting.

“I think it really has helped me in my creative process,” says Russell. “I was forced to write alone and really dig deep into who Russell Dickerson is and what I want to say. Honestly, 2020 was a year of rest for us. We had been going absolutely pedal to the metal for almost a decade so this break was honestly welcomed.”

In fact, for the first six months of quarantine, he didn’t venture off of his property. A big reason? Russell and wife Kailey welcomed their first child together in September 2020. Even as a baby, Remington has great taste in music.

“It’s crazy! He will be crying in the car and truly the only thing that calms him down is Southern Symphony,” Dickerson adds.

TikTok & Wine Walks

During quarantine, Russell Dickerson discovered TikTok. Now, fans can find clips of him dancing, singing, working out, and more. He tends to show off his silly side and lets fans in on his day-to-day life.

“I love a good, easy dance or just a funny voice-over challenge,” he says. “Like The Golden Girls theme song [was my favorite].”

But he has also been spending more time in the great outdoors. He recently took his band and crew to go snowboarding.

“Literally anything outside,” he says of his hobbies. “Camping, trail running, boats, wakeboard, wake surf. Evening family wine walks might take the cake though!”