Russell Dickerson’s ‘Home Sweet’: Story Behind the Song

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images)

On December 4, Russell Dickerson is releasing a new album entitled “Southern Symphony.” “Home Sweet” is a song from Dickerson’s second album, and he shares the story behind the song.

Russell Dickerson is a budding country artist. His first album, “Yours” peaked at number 5 on the U.S. Billboard charts back in 2017. People are expecting big things from his new album.

Recently, Dickerson opened up about the background of one of his new songs. In talking about “Home Sweet,” you can tell he is passionate and devoted to country music.

While he didn’t actually write the song, the song was completely Dickerson’s idea and work. With the help of Lady A’s Charles Kelly and Casey Brown, this song has become a reality.

Russell shares his inspiration for the song in a new tell-all.

“Just with the phase of life we’re in, you know, with a new baby and we’re in a relatively new house that we just moved into last year, it’s just like, that’s kind of the phase of life, is home sweet you and me,” and it’s like, no matter where we are, if we’re on the road or if we’re at home, home is where the heart is.”

Dickerson and the Inspiration for “Home Sweet”

Also, expounding on songwriting, Dickerson says that the three artists wrote another song together. So, in addition to creating “Home Sweet,” the group also completed “Something to Dance To.”

“Me, Casey Brown and Charles, we wrote two songs that weekend, and one was called, like, ‘Something to Dance To,’ or something, and it was fun, it’s a cool song, but when you compare that with ‘Home Sweet,’ it’s just no question because ‘Home Sweet’ is so special and real.”

Dickerson also adds that “Home Sweet” was a fun song to create. Russell Dickerson says, “‘Home Sweet,’ man, we, we deep dove on that, and I could not be happier with that song.”

In truth, “Home Sweet” came together on a run. They were chatting together on the run about the song, and it simply came to them, like a light bulb turning on. Once they got back from the run, everything began to flow together.

“After [‘Something to Dance To’], me and Casey were on a run, and he … threw out the idea: It was like ‘Home Sweet Us.’ I think, or something like that, and I was like, ‘What about “Home Sweet You and Me?’ And we were like, ‘Let’s go write it, right now.'”

Dickerson continues talking about how the song embodies his life story. Recovering from getting let go of a songwriting deal, his relationship after their honeymoon, and being without any money. So, the song embodies a lot of his life story, both the good and bad.

Certainly, “Southern Symphony” will do well on the charts. Dickerson is undoubtedly proud of his work on this song in particular.

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