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Ryan Bingham’s Best Original Song Oscar You Never Knew He Won

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)

Ryan Bingham does get airtime on Yellowstone. But did you know about him winning a Best Original Song Oscar in his career?

Well, we have some information about it. Bingham had a solid scene with Beth Dutton, played by Kelly Reilly, on Yellowstone this past season. He ends up singing a tender song for her after she comes up to the ranch house. Still, what about this Oscar? Let’s get some details about it from The Hollywood Reporter.

So, the song was The Weary Kind and it was in the 2009 film Crazy Heart starring Jeff Bridges. It also won a Grammy Award, too. Let’s take a look at him accepting the Oscar along with T-Bone Burnett.

After this moment, though, Ryan Bingham stepped away from the spotlight. He needed a break to do some evaluation on his career. He wanted to know about where he’d gone and where he was going.

Ryan Bingham Song Oscar Win Was Great Moment, Then He Took A Break

“I was touring pretty steady for the past 10 years and over those three records,” Bingham said. “I wasn’t really under any pressure to release an album anytime soon, so I was a bit ready for a little break.” 

Taking a break must have been good for the Yellowstone actor-musician. He plays Walker on the Western drama. But his musical career got a sweet boost with the time off for a break. He would release his fourth album titled Tomorrowland upon his return.

“With this record, I just had so much time to really reflect on my life, the songs I was writing, what I wanted the record to be about, how I wanted it to sound,” Bingham says. “I had a chance to sit with it, think about it, experiment.”

Musician Chose To Release Next Album On His Own Indie Label

That album was on his own label, Axster/Bingham Records. It came about after his contract with Nashville-based Lost Highway Records ended.

Ryan Bingham just decided to take the indie route. “It just made sense to do it on our own,” he says. “The way the music business is these days, with the Internet and different ways of getting music out to your fans, the opportunities you have to do it on your own are just exponential.”

What about doing more work in the film world? Well, the Ryan Bingham song Oscar win was great. But he did not rule out working more in film. If anything, the whirlwind experience of Crazy Heart has been beyond humbling. “As good as it was, it helped me realize what the most important things are for me: going back to the songwriting and the music,” Bingham said.