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Is Sam Hunt’s New Cryptic Teaser Addressing His Past DUI Arrest?

by Jacklyn Krol
Kevin Mazur, Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Does the new Sam Hunt teaser address his past DUI arrest?

The Teaser

The country hitmaker shared a short video clip on his social media accounts on Sunday (November 22). The clip shows a sheriff escorting a prisoner in a hallway with chains clattering in the background. The video cuts to the date Tuesday (November 24).

Fans quickly speculated that it could reference his past arrest and that it is most likely a music video. Some fans questioned if it is for “Breaking Up Was Easy in the 90’s” video as it is his latest single. The track is off of his latest genre-bending record, Southside.

Watch the video, below.

Sam Hunt on his Past DUI

Hunt was arrested on November 21, 2019. He was later charged with a DUI and having an open container of alcohol in the car. He was driving in East Nashville when he was driving the wrong way down a street and was pulled over by police.

Hunt addressed his arrest in an interview with HITS Daily Double. “People in my camp were talking about suppressing it, but why would I be afraid to talk about it? If it happens, it’s true,” he said. “I was raised and taught to respect [alcohol]. Moderation is important. I’ve never wanted to glorify it. It’s a cheap trick in country music, and I’ve always wanted to avoid that. I don’t like using [drinking] as a party song; for me, that wouldn’t be honest. I’ve never been the guy who shotguns a beer. I know people who partake that way, and I wouldn’t want to shake my finger or look down on them.”

Hunt admitted that he put himself in the position after he was out at a friend’s concert while drinking and leaving his phone in an Uber. “I should’ve been more conscious, but I wasn’t. So I take responsibility,” he concluded.