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Sam Hunt Releasing ‘Breaking Up Was Easy in the 90s’ Official Music Video

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images)

Country hitmaker Sam Hunt tweeted that he plans to release the music video for “Breaking Up Was Easy In The 90s” on Tuesday. 

The track is off his second studio album, Southside. The album was released back in the Spring and debuted at No. 5 on the “Billboard Top 100.” 

“Breaking Up Was Easy In The 90s” is Sam Hunt’s 10th radio single. Eight of his last nine singles have gone platinum, and seven have reached No. 1 on country airplay charts. 

The song’s melody is reminiscent of his 2014 track “Break Up in a Small Town,” also co-written by Zach Cromwell. 

While Hunt’s usual heartbreak sound is familiar, the lyrics to “Breaking Up Was Easy In The 90s” are an interesting choice for 2020. 

The addition of social media doesn’t help someone move on from a breakup; something Hunt intentionally points out in the track. The lack of smartphones in the 90s made getting over a breakup much more simple. 

Hunt seems to describe this phenomenon effortlessly, speaking to anyone who’s ever experienced a breakup in this era. He describes a simpler time when someone had to call (not text) the other person to end things. 

Sam Hunt’s Arrest

On Nov. 22, Hunt tweeted a cryptic teaser for the music video. The short video clip depicts a prisoner being escorted by a sheriff while chains clatter in the background. 

Fans were quick to assume that the video was about Hunt’s run-in with the law when he was arrested for a DUI this time last year. Police spotted the country star driving the wrong way down a street in East Nashville. 

Hunt later commented on the arrest, saying, “I was raised and taught to respect [alcohol]. Moderation is important. I’ve never wanted to glorify it. It’s a cheap trick in country music, and I’ve always wanted to avoid that.”

He concluded, saying, “I should’ve been more conscious, but I wasn’t. So I take responsibility.”