Sam Hunt Speaks Out on His Songwriting Process: It’s Like ‘Fishing or Digging for Gold’

by Halle Ames

Sam Hunt joins the Bobby Bones Show to give fans an insight into his writing process, giving the strange analogy that it’s similar to “fishing or digging for gold.”

Today on the Bobby Bones Show, country music artist Sam Hunt talks about his struggle to find a hit song.

Sam Hunt on the Struggles of Songwriting

“Do you constantly have a song in your head?” asks Bones. “Being the songwriter that you are, is there always something up there?”

“No, I wish because I’d probably get more songs written,” admits the 35-year-old artist. “But they come in little bursts, and you know, I’m always thinking about it. I’m constantly, like trying to– you know, I wake up in the morning sometimes with a tune in my head and I’ll sing it or write it down, but 90 percent of what, you know, hits me as having potential ends up, you know, not having so much potential.”

Hunt says that these songs don’t often come, though, and the ones he might like might not be a hit with his fans.

“So you just kind of wait for those ones that come along every, I’d say every two or three months, a song will come along, and I’m like, ‘okay this could be a song I could write and put on the record.’ In the meantime, you know, you’re just like fishing or digging for gold every day. You just keep it up until you finally try to hit something worth putting out.”

Writing for Himself

Bones asks Hunt about his songwriting career and if he still helps other artists find their hit.

“I’ve just been writing for myself because if I write for myself all the time, I’m able to scratch out a record, you know, over a two year period, and that’s about all I can manage,” admits Hunt. “I miss writing with a more, you know openly– with the idea that somebody could record it other than me in mind. So I’m trying to lean back on that a little bit.”

Earlier this year, Hunt released his album SouthSide, which featured 12 songs that touch on his relationship with his wife, Hannah Lee Fowler. This is his first full-length album since 2014.