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Sam Hunt’s Wife Hannah Lee Fowler Files for Divorce

by Jacklyn Krol
John Shearer, Getty Images

Hannah Lee Fowler filed for divorce from Sam Hunt. She is reportedly pregnant and due in May.

On February 21, TMZ published legal documents regarding their divorce. She apparently filed the documents last Friday and at the time, was separated from him.

“The husband is guilty of such cruel and inhuman treatment or conduct toward the spouse as renders cohabitation unsafe or improper,” the boilerplate code section stated by Fowler. She alleged that Hunt is “guilty of inappropriate marital conduct” along with “adultery.”

Fowler filed the documents in Tennessee, which is a no-fault divorce state. She requested alimony, primary support of their child, and child support.  

Sam Hunt and Hannah did not announce that they were expecting their first child, however, in the document, she revealed that she is due in May.

Although it is unclear if they had a prenuptial agreement, the language in the documents suggests that they could have had one as she requested that “the parties be awarded their respective separate property.”

The last time that Sam Hunt posted about his wife on social media was back in April 2021 to honor their fourth wedding anniversary.

He posted a number of photos of the two over the years. Hunt captioned it, “How it started. How it’s going. Happy Anniversary!”

Sam Hunt and Hannah Lee’s Relationship

Last year, Hunt spoke with Audacy about welcoming children and having them “sooner than later.”

“[We] really started to think about it seriously here these past few months,” he said. “So that’s on the agenda right now. I’m hoping we’ll have some good news sooner than later.”

The former couple first met in Alabama when Sam Hunt was a linebacker for the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She served as his songwriting inspiration for numerous of his hit songs. He even names her in his hit “Drinkin’ Too Much.”

The couple got engaged in January of 2017 after ten years of an on and off again romance. They ended up tying the knot in April in their hometown of Cedartown, Georgia.

“I put it on to try it and decided it felt too good and I didn’t want to take it off,” he told CBS per Page Six.

“It’s only a few weeks left before we do get married. [The wedding will be] low-key, low maintenance,” he added. “We are both kind of introverted people for the most part, so we don’t like celebrating ourselves too much. If there ever is a time to do it, it is now, and it is more to celebrate the union of marriage than it is each other. I am excited about doing that.”