Sam Williams Critiques Small-Town Living in Powerful New Single, ‘Kids,’ Featuring Keith Urban

by Matthew Wilson

Like Hank Williams Jr. once said, “It’s a family tradition.” Hank Jr.’s son, Sam Williams, has followed his father—and grandfather, Hank Sr.—into the family business.

Sam released a powerful new single, “Kids,” on July 16. Williams’ new single features a guest performance by none other than Keith Urban. The country music star lends his guitar chops to the track.

Williams’ new tune is both a little bit moody and tranquil. Williams goes to some pretty dark places, but his harmonic voice keeps things afloat as he tackles heavy lyrics about teenage alcoholism and depression. The singer’s voice may be bubbly, but his words are weighty.

Like several songs on his upcoming album, Glasshouse Children, “Kids” is an introspective look at both family and free will. The musician seems interested in exploring the things that affect us early in life and define us as adults. With “Kids,” Williams takes aim at the cyclical nature of small-town living.

“’Kids’ is a reflection of the monotonous negativity that comes with staying in the same town your entire life. While you want to get out, you still feel like a child, so you stay and continue the cycle,” Williams says in a press release.

Sam Williams’ Upcoming Album ‘Glasshouse Children’

Just as Hank Williams Jr.’s music was very different than his father’s, Sam Williams has followed his own path as a musician. The young singer has carved out a space for himself that’s uniquely him. Glasshouse Children promises to be an honest and raw introspection if his released singles are anything to go by.

So far, Williams has released “10-4,” “Can’t Fool Your Own Blood,” “SHUTEYE,” and “The World: Alone” from the upcoming album. Family stayed on the singer’s mind while writing and recording his debut album. “Can’t Fool Your Own Blood,” for instance, examines how loved ones can wound us, just as much as build us up.

“This song is about living with adversity. I sing about family drama that we all experience and grapple with,” Sam Williams wrote. “One thing that will never serve you well is lying to someone you love. That can only lead to turmoil. ‘Can’t Fool Your Own Blood’ is about being a pattern breaker and taking control of your own fate. Being at war with oneself is the greatest battle.”

Williams took things one step farther with the single, recording the music video at his grandfather’s home in Franklin, Tennessee. The piece made for a haunting portrayal of Williams considering his country music heritage, three generations removed. Likewise, “The World: Alone” became a vehicle for the singer’s grief. He dedicated the track to his late sister Katie Williams’, releasing the tune on what would be her 28th birthday.

“Kids” was released on Friday, July 16. Meanwhile, Sam Williams’ debut album Glasshouse Children drops on August 20.