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Sammy Hagar Says His New Album Won’t Sound ‘Remotely Country’

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)

Sammy Hagar has a new album coming out and while it won’t be country, it will have a country music producer behind it. While he is working with the great Dave Cobb on the record, he says that this isn’t going to be what you expect. Even though the record is being recorded in Nashville at RCA Studios…still, not what you think it would be just given those details.

Of course, it’s the genius of Cobb that decided to steer the project away from country music. As for the Van Halen singer, he’s got high praise for the project. “It’s great, my best songwriting ever, best production ever, and we made four videos already.”

So, this sounds like a wild album. With all of the work that Sammy Freakin’ Hagar has in his catalog, that’s a bold statement. He’s a multi-platinum solo artist on top of all the stuff he did with his various bands including Van Halen over the years.

The Red Rocker always takes his music seriously. However, it seems he has renewed vigor for the music. Crazy Times, the new LP that he plans to release this spring has its producer to thank for that. In a conversation with Forbes, Hagar talked about working with Cobb, his “Nashville friends”, and more.

“David Cobb said, ‘I’m not gonna do anything that even sounds anything remotely country on this record,'” Hagar explained. “‘Cause I wanted to make an Americana record, a little less hard rock. He goes, ‘I wanna make Standing Hampton. I wanna make the record I grew up on, I wanna hear you and Mikey [Anthony] sing like you did in Top of the World with Van Halen. That’s what we’re gonna get out of you guys.'”

If we get something like Heavy Metal again… I’ll probably lose my mind.

Sammy Hagar’s New Album is in Good Hands with Dave Cobb, His Friends Think So

With Sammy Hagar’s new album coming out soon, it’s got me very excited. Dave Cobb could work with The Wiggles and I would impatiently wait for the release date. He’s the best producer in the game, plain and simple. Right next to him, neck and neck is Shooter Jennings. It’s really not close, either. They have both captured new and interesting sounds in bluegrass, Americana, country, and rock.

While this album was being recorded, Hagar said his friends stopped into the studio to listen in. They all loved it.

“My Nashville friends, Ronnie Dunn, these guys are coming down wanting to hear my record, and wanting to see what I’m doing, because these country guys are rock fans. … Ronnie Dunn stood there singing, ‘Come on baby, finish what ya started.’ And I’m going, ‘Wow, these guys are legitimate want-to-be rock stars.”

Even guys like Chris Stapleton stopped into the studio. It was apparently worth attending. It seems like this record is destined to be a hit. If Hagar is hyping it up like this, and Dave Cobb is involved, then I’m fully on board. Let’s get this thing out already! He also has a cocktail recipe book coming out. So, lots of fun Red Rocker things going on.