Sammy Kershaw’s Timeless Hit ‘Queen of My Double Wide Trailer’: Story Behind the Song

by Suzanne Halliburton

Sammy Kershaw told the story of “Queen of My Double Wide Trailer” with a wink straight to the camera.

Singing about romance and double wides surely was a trite country subject, right? Or as Kershaw opens the video:

“There’s no way I’m doing this,” he said as he’s sitting in his pickup truck. “This has been done before. “

And, he continues. You can see that he’s pulled up to a trailer park, with an attractive brunette sunning herself as she’s waiting for him.

“Not going to do this,” Kershaw says. “This isn’t in my contract.”

Sammy’s Song Was Penned By Prolific Songwriter

Thankfully, we know that Kershaw’s protest was playful. He was in on the act. Kershaw released the song in August 1993. The late Dennis Linde wrote it. Linde is best known for writing the Elvis Presley hit “Burning Love,” the Garth Brooks classic “Calling Baton Rouge” and The Chicks “Good Bye Earl.” Linde also wrote for the likes of Don Williams and Joe Diffie.

And Linde gave the world a song about a man living in a double-wide who fears he’ll lose his lady to a guy named Earl. The Sammy Kershaw record was loved by country audiences, who made it the 7th most popular song on the charts. It was one of Kershaw’s 25 songs that charted in the top 40.

Have a listen and join us on the other side for more details on what Sammy Kershaw is doing now.

What’s This? Song Referred To A Guy as “Charlie Daniels Of The Torque Wrench”

The Queen of The Double Wide told the story of how a man met a woman. Boy meets girl — it’s been done to death. But the lyrics certainly are different. Check out this sampling:

“Well, I met her out at Murphy’s restaurant. She said, she was fresh from the farm. And I remember thinkin’ for a country girl, that she went pretty well armed.

“We sat there talkin’ by the lobster tank. I ordered her a slow gin fizz. And when them chicken fried steaks arrived, she said, I like living like this. So I made her the queen of my double-wide trailer, with the polyester curtains and the redwood deck.
Sometimes she runs off and I’ve gotta trail her. Dang her black heart and her pretty red neck.”

Earl, who competed for the lady love, was a mechanic dubbed “the Charlie Daniels of the torque-wrench.” But at the end of the song, Sammy Kershaw gets the girl.

“Queen of My Double Wide Trailer” was the follow up to “She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful.” The song was the lone No. 1 for Sammy Kershaw.

Sammy Kershaw Learned From The Greats Like George Jones

Kershaw still is maintaining a music career, although his heyday was back in the 1990s. Overall, he’s sold more than 5 million albums.

Sammy Kershaw had an eventful life to pull from when he sang his songs. He became the family’s main breadwinner when his father died when Kershaw was 11. He played Louisiana roadshows at night. It was at one of those shows when Sammy Kershaw met country legend George Jones. Kershaw was 14. Within months, he started opening for stars Ray Price, Jones and Merle Haggard. Country music already was in his bloodlines. His cousins are Doug and Rusty Kershaw.

In 1988, he quit the music business, in part, to deal with his substance abuse addictions. And he returned to music, enjoying a terrific run during the 1990s. But he was forced to file for bankruptcy at the end of his marriage with country star Lorrie Morgan, his fourth wife.

Sammy Kershaw tried a run at politics as a Republican. He twice ran for Louisiana lieutenant governor.

What Is Kershaw Up To Now? He’s a New Daddy

What’s Sammy Kershaw up to now? Believe it or not, the 62-year-old is living in Louisiana and helping to raise a toddler. Kershaw is the father of four adult children and stepfather to a fifth. But he and long-time girlfriend Mendy Gregory welcomed their first child together. Natelia Mae Kershaw was born in September 2019. She was named for Kershaw’s grandmother and his girlfriend’s grandmother.

Sammy Kershaw told People: “She is a gift from God.”