Scotty McCreery to Honor Legend George Strait on New Album ‘Same Truck’ With Song ‘Damn Strait’

by Shelby Scott

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, many musical artists have been debuting new, frequently jam-packed, albums throughout this summer. It appears many will continue to do so later into the fall. For Scotty McCreery fans, the young country star will soon premiere his newest album, Same Truck, which promises a George Strait tribute in his song, “Damn Strait.”

According to PopCulture, the moment McCreery heard the new track, he just knew he had to record it. Additionally, he shared the track with friends and family who “freaked out,” immediately after hearing it. They all approved right away and it was “go” from the start.

“For me, when I [hear] a song like ‘Damn Strait,'” the artist recalled, “I immediately raised my hand and said, ‘Me, me, me.'” The artist shared with the news outlet that it was “such a cool song.” He further said that it had been cleverly written with the play on words already apparent in the song’s title. He further identified as a “massive George Strait fan” and thought the song fit his personal sound really well.

The tribute song is one of two on the entire album McCreery himself did not write. Nevertheless, the North Carolinian has apparently been previewing the special song. He’s recently shared it with fans at concerts throughout his ongoing You Time Tour.

If you’re one of those Outsiders who haven’t heard the preview to the song yet, not to worry. The news outlet graciously shared one of the verses and we’re happy to be able to share it here:

Damn Strait you’re killing me man/you know I’ve always been your biggest fan/now I can’t even listen ’cause I’ll get to missing her/then the hurt gets worse.”

Scotty McCreery’s new album will debut on September 17, 2021, and we cannot wait to hear it.

Scotty McCreery Was Star-Struck When He First Met George Strait

It’s hard to imagine some of our favorite celebrities getting star-struck by other celebrities. As humble know-nothings, we assume most country artists and writers know each other and hang out regularly. As we mature and begin to follow our favorite artists in the media, we soon learn that’s not the case.

So, to listen to famous musical artists share their star-stricken moments is something that can be incredibly interesting. During a separate interview with PopCulture, the country star talked about the first time he ever ran into George Strait, and it’s truthfully the most unintentional meeting we could ever hope to hear about.

McCreery shared that he was at an event at the Ryman Auditorium for an event his new label was hosting. As he was standing there, he said he felt a quick tap on the shoulder accompanied by a, “Hey, Scotty!” Of all people the artist could have run into, he ran into his idol, the King of Country Music, George Strait.

“It was such a cool moment,” McCreery shared with the outlet and one we’re sure he won’t soon forget.