Scotty McCreery’s New Song ‘Carolina to Me’ Celebrates the Natural Beauty of His Home State

by Lauren Boisvert

North Carolina native Scotty McCreery recently released another single from his upcoming 5th studio album Same Truck. “Carolina To Me” is a love letter to McCreery’s home state.

In it, he makes Heaven-on-Earth style comparisons. “You think pearly gates / You think streets of gold / And I think about them long-leaf pines lined on Tobacco Road,” he sings in the chorus.

McCreery has a signature deep country twang that won him, American Idol, in 2011; in “Carolina To Me,” he goes back to a classic country sound. The sound is low and resonant and calls to mind Conway Twitty’s traditional sound. McCreery has cited him as an influence. It also brings to mind some of Elvis’ slower ballads, another of McCreery’s influences.

“Elvis was from a very small town [and so were] a lot of the other folks,” he said of his chance to get out of the small-town life, “I was a local grocery store bagger here in Garner [North Carolina], and all of a sudden, I got this big chance and now I get to sing country music for a living.”

Same Truck releases on September 17; the album also includes McCreery’s current single “You Time,” which is currently at number 4 on the country charts.

Scotty McCreery On His Love of North Carolina

McCreery has always been dedicated to his hometown of Garner, North Carolina. In an interview with Come Hear Carolina in 2019, McCreery said, “Garner was a great place to grow up. They really embraced the arts.” He spoke about the importance of arts education for him personally, saying, “They nurtured my love for singing and music and [they taught me] how to create music. It was huge for me to go to school and to have a whole hour to sing.”

When asked how his relationship with his home state has changed, Scotty McCreery said, “I think over the years I’ve gotten a better appreciation for Garner [and] for North Carolina…They say there’s no place like home, and that’s the truth.”

Arts Education in North Carolina

Scotty McCreery is a passionate advocate for music and the arts in schools. He told Come Hear Carolina, “nowadays they’re cutting funding in certain parts of the school and the first place they always want to look is the arts, and I’m like no!” He went on to say,  “Everybody knows the exact formulas for math and science, but there’s no one way to do music or arts, so for that’s my biggest thing…really supporting the arts in the schools.”

Of North Carolina’s artistic influence, he said, “I do think North Carolina tries very hard to nurture the arts, to embrace the arts, and to teach the arts.”