See Keith Urban Rock Super Long Hairdo in 1994 Alan Jackson Music Video

by Katie Maloney

Who’s that long-haired guy in Alan Jackson’s music video? The answer: Keith Urban.

Before he hit it big and became a household name in country music, Keith Urban was simply trying to get noticed by music producers. So, he accepted any music-related job he could find. Most notably, was his appearance in Alan Jackson’s music video for “Mercury Blues.”

“I got these odd jobs,” said Urban during an interview. “Alan Jackson was shooting a video for this song called ‘Mercury Blues’ and needed a long-haired guitar player to come in and be in this video,” continued Urban. “I signed with this publishing company, and the guy who ran the company was Alan’s manager,” he said.

Having been in Nashville for only two years, Urban said he was overjoyed to be in a video with Jackson. However, you can only see Urban in a few scenes. Additionally, when he does appear, it’s difficult to make him out with all the long hair and 90s video effects.

“I’m this scrawny, long-haired, Aussie kid,” jokes Urban. “I’d been in town two years and like oh my God, I’m gonna be on set with Alan Jackson. This is amazing, what a great career boost for me. I can’t wait to meet Alan,” Urban continued. “He never said anything to me,” said Urban while laughing.

However, all of that was before Urban became the Keith Urban.

Alan Jackson’s “Mercury Blues”

Alan Jackson and Keith Urban Reunited Years Later

Urban career skyrocketed pretty quickly after appearing in Jackson’s video. Years after filming the music video, the two reunited again. This time, they performed together both as country music superstars. They two performed at the All For The Hall Benefit for the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in 2010.

The first concert of its kind was hosted by Urban in 2009. It was the biggest fundraiser in the museum’s history, bringing in close to $500,000. The show has continued annually ever since. In conclusion, we, along with the Country music Hall of Fame and Museum, are grateful that a long-haired Keith Urban could get his start via an Alan Jackson music video.