See Loretta Lynn’s ‘One of a Kind’ 1982 Christmas Card With Late Husband

by Clayton Edwards

Christmas is all about togetherness and love. As a result, the holiday can bring some absences into sharper focus than other days. Loretta Lynn lost her husband, Doo, back in 1996. Yesterday she shared their Christmas card from 1982. The card features the country icon and her husband in front of a backdrop of snow-dusted evergreens. They’re both wearing huge smiles and the love between them is evident.

In the post’s caption, Loretta Lynn said, “What a throwback! Almost 40 years. I sure miss my Doo.” The icon then called her late husband “one of a kind,” before wishing her fans a Merry Christmas.

Before Loretta Lynn shared the Yuletide throwback with her followers, the Country Music Hall of Fame shared it along with several other country star Christmas cards. This one, however, was the best of the bunch. There’s something about the way they’re standing that makes the photo seem like the most natural thing in the world. It almost feels like the photographer saw them standing together and decided that it was the best possible shot.

The Country Music Hall of Fame also shared what was on the inside of the Lynn family Christmas card. “Doo and I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”: She signed the card “Your friend, Loretta Lynn.”

How Doo Helped Loretta Lynn Become a Star

Last week, Loretta Lynn shared a photo of her old friend Gloria. She took care of Loretta’s kids in the early days of her career. Her love for the kids helped Loretta feel comfortable being away from home. So, in that way, Gloria helped her become the country icon that we all know and love today. However, without Doo’s influence, Gloria wouldn’t have needed to watch the kids.

Loretta and Doo tied the knot in 1948. They stayed together for more than five decades before he passed away in 1996. Lynn calls him the “driving force” behind her career. Without him, she would have never stepped foot in a studio.

Loretta Lynn always loved to sing. So, a few years after they tied the knot, Doo bought her a guitar. She played that Harmony acoustic around the house and sounded great. Before long, Doo prodded her to record a song and ship it out to radio stations. Before long, she was laying the foundation of a massive career.

It wasn’t just the fact that Doo bought her a guitar and pushed her to be a performer. He also inspired some of her most iconic songs. For instance, he inspired “Don’t Come Home Drinkin” which was her first chart-topper. Additionally, the attention he drew from other women inspired “Fist City” and “You Ain’t Woman Enough” among others.