Seven Men Indicted Over Fight at Dierks Bentley’s Nashville Bar: Report

by Hannah Heser
(Photo By Raymond Boyd/Getty Images)

A fight occurred at Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row bar in Nashville, Tennessee back in August. Seven men are now being charged over their involvement in the crime. In the midst of it all, the DJ, Dallas Barrett, was killed.

Fox News reported 22-year-old Barrett’s death as a result of asphyxiation. He was allegedly involved in a tussle with security after being asked to leave the bar.

Waiting on the police to arrive, the security staff held Barrett down on the floor. When the authorities showed up, Barrett was reportedly found unresponsive, News Channel 5 in Nashville reported at the time.

Dallas Barrett’s mom, Tammy Barrett, spoke out in the wake of her son’s passing. “They killed my son for no reason,” Tammy reportedly said. “I want justice for my child.”

Other Country Artists Who Have Their Own Bars in Downtown Nashville

A number of country artists in addition to Dierks Bently have bars in downtown Nashville. And there’s some Country icons that hope to do so in the future. For instance, Garth Brooks opened up about wanting to start his own bar on Broadway.

“I know exactly the way I’d want it to be because I live in the dive bars. Just take one thing out of every dive bar you’ve been in. Because for me, that’s what it’s all about,” Brooks said, according to PopCulture.

Another artist who recently opened up a bar on Broadway is Miranda Lambert. The “Bluebird” singer is the first female country artist to open up a place downtown. Earlier this year, she spoke out about how she wanted her bar to cater to “the girls.”

“It’s got some girly touches for sure,” Lambert told CMT Radio’s Cody Alan. “It’s pretty much all boys down there with the bars as it is now and I am seeing more and more bachelorette parties every single day, I mean I ran into about three different groups of them at the airport the other day so I was like, ’We need something that plays a little more toward the girls.’”