Shania Twain Celebrates Canadian Roots with Stunning Classic Outfits Ahead of NHL Playoff Matchup

by Will Shepard

The NHL playoffs are underway, and so far, the action has not disappointed. Shania Twain is from Windsor, Ontario, a hockey hotbed in North America. So, of course, she had to share her thoughts on the all-Canadian playoff series between the Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs.

The superstar country singer is certainly proud of her Canadian heritage. For those who follow hockey religiously, it might seem odd to see someone wearing two teams’ colors. In particular, it might seem extra weird to wear two intense rivals’ jerseys.

Before tonight’s game two between the two Canadian teams, Shania Twain posted a photo of herself sporting both teams’ colors. But, in her case, we can probably give her a pass.

More importantly, the country musician looks absolutely stunning in both of the teams’ colors. Moreover, with the two photos, she included an appropriate caption. She said, “Leafs vs. Habs!” Additionally, she included two emojis – one of the Canadian flag and the other of a hockey stick and puck.

Dolly Parton and Shania Twain Sang “Coat of Many Colors” Together

One of the best parts of music is collaborations between two singers. There’s something indescribably awesome about hearing a great song being sung by a tandem of talented artists. Well, Shania Twain and Dolly Parton certainly fit this bill. The two of them combined for an amazing rendition of a Dolly fan favorite song.

In 2003, the two amazing country superstars joined forces for a duet. Both singers went on “Oprah” for one of her shows. During their time on the show, they teamed up for an excellent performance.

This was a duet that Shania Twain had been looking forward to for almost her whole life. As much as fans wanted the collaboration, she wanted it just as much. So, Oprah took it upon herself to share the details about the country musician’s hopes to perform with Dolly.

“This is a moment. The phenomenal Shania Twain is here, and for the first time ever, she’s about to fulfill a life-long dream as she was just telling us,” Oprah Winfrey explained as an introduction to the song.

After Oprah told her anecdote about Twain, the country singer got to introduce her duet partner, Dolly Partner.

“Well, everyone. This is definitely a life-long dream of mine,” Shania Twain said. “And, what more can I say than this is my hero – musical and personal hero of all time. Um, a beautiful person inside and out and the person that I always wanted to grow up to be. Please, everybody, Dolly!”

The two’s performance was incredible. If you’ve never seen the performance, you’re in for a treat.

Much like the song, Shania Twain’s Twitter post today is one of many colors. Nonetheless, it stands to reason that the country singer will be happy with the outcome of the NHL playoff game, as Toronto tries to even the series.