Shania Twain Celebrates 23rd Anniversary of ‘Come on Over’ Album

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Shania Twain celebrated the 23rd anniversary of her iconic album Come on Over on social media. The country singer released the album on Nov. 4, 1997.

In the post, Twain wrote, “Happy Birthday Come On Over 23 years!! Thank you for making this album what it is Favourite song? Favourite memory? Favourite artwork? I wanna know!”

Upon release, the album sold more than 20 million copies in the United States. It became one of the best-selling albums ever and the best selling album by a female artist.

Fans Celebrated the Anniversary with Their Favorite Memories

Fans on social media celebrated the anniversary of the album. They shared their favorite memories of listening to Twain when they were younger. One user wrote, “My mum always played this on repeat for me when I was little. Grew up loving this album unconditionally. So many good memories.”

Another commented, “I constantly made up dances when I was in elementary school to this album. My mom probably was so annoyed with how many times I played each song and made her watch my dances. Still listen to this album often! Iconic!!!”

Shania Twain Revealed Her Favorite Song From the Album

In an interview, Twain revealed which song she enjoyed the most from the album. Her favorite was “Don’t Be Stupid.”

“I would always say that: ‘Don’t Be Stupid!,'” Twain told Glamour. “And I thought, I should make that a song title, and it became a very big song.”

“When the song first came out, some parents would complain to me because their kids loved it so much, and it was little kids that would walk around saying, ‘Don’t be stupid!'” Twain continued. “So a 5-year-old saying that was a bit rude for them to be saying it. That was odd a little bit and controversial in its own little way, even though it was harmless. Anyway, so that line always stuck out for me.”