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Shania Twain Dishes on Why ‘The Woman in Me’ Music Video Was Her Favorite to Make

by Madison Miller
Photo Credit: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images for ZFF

With the rocky sandy terrain of the Middle East and a majestic black horse, iconic artist Shania Twain created what would become her favorite music video she ever made.

Shania Twain came out with “The Woman in Me (Needs The Man In You)” in 1995. The music video currently has almost 10 million views on Youtube. The album “The Woman in Me” was the best-selling country album in 1995. It also won a Grammy that year for Best Country Album and was ranked No.8 on the CMT 40 Greatest Country Albums.

Twain and Her Favorite Video

While it was a renowned hit on the charts and for awards, why was it Twain’s favorite to film?

“My favorite video to have made was probably in Cairo at the base of the great pyramids. I was riding a black Arabian horse barefoot,” Twain said in an interview video with CMT.

A lot of it had to do with the feeling of being out in the desert, barefoot, and riding a horse. Surely the recipe for an exotic experience that will stand out in the future.

However, beyond the experience itself, Twain said the impact of the video is another reason it’s so fond to her.

“The legacy of ‘The Women In Me,’ I hope, is something that was ahead of its time from the voice of a woman. What ‘The Woman In Me’ means to me is a representation of how I think and how I feel as a person. It’s a true, genuine example of my self-expression,” Twain said.

Inspiring Future Artists

Legacy is definitely something Twain continues to leave.

Twain is known for inspiring a newer generation of female artists, country and not, to be fearless in their storytelling. While Trisha Yearwood, Faith Hill, and Reba were all leading the charts, there was something different about Twain.

“But what was absent was a woman who was fearless when it came to the lyrical content, and who could embrace both love and independence; monogamy and carnal impulses; strength and softness. All in a way that was packaged for the mainstream,” according to Rolling Stone.

Country artist Caitlin Rose said that “Shania’s brand was, ‘I will take no shit and all of your money, thanks!'”

Her songs mixed together catchy choruses with sweet-sounding singing, only to be a somewhat aggressive, in-your-face narrative.

A “Woman in Me (Needs The Man In You)” is about a woman yearning to be with a man. However, even that doesn’t stop her independent, fierce nature.

“But I win when I choose/ And I can’t stand to lose.”