Shania Twain Drops New Farm Pic With Horse: ‘Happy Sunday’

by Kayla Zadel

Country singer Shania Twain is spending her Sunday morning with a barn yard friend.

The Canadian snapped a pic of herself and her fury white friend. “Happy Sunday 😌🐴,” she captions the photo.

It looks like Twain just woke up, grabbed her cup of coffee and went to sit in the pasture. She’s wearing pajama bottoms and a red flannel jacket. Her hair is up in a messy bun and she closes her eyes as her white horse sniffs her face.

“What a beautiful day!” comments on fan.

Additionally, this follower says, “Happy Sunday Shania what a beautiful horse giving mommy kisses!!”

“Perfect way to start the day!!” and “Best way to spend the mornings ♥️” are just two more comments about Twain’s post.

Shania Twain Teases a ‘Mountain’ of New Music

Like the rest of us, Shania Twain experienced a lot of downtime in 2020. However, she made the most of it and wrote a “mountain” of new music.

“I mean, I’ve got a mountain of songs now,” she says according to Taste of Country. “You know, COVID has lasted so much longer than any of us expected, so I have enough music for three albums now.”

Twain had to postpone her Las Vegas residency, Let’s Go!, when the pandemic first took its hold last year. However, the singer-songwriter shifted her focus to writing music, rather than performing it.

“I just keep writing and writing and writing and writing. Yeah, it’s good. I have been very productive, yeah,” Twain continues.

The equine enthusiast says that she’s ready to get back on stage when she gets the green light.

“Well, I’m waiting to get back to Vegas onstage at Zappos. I’ve been waiting like everybody else for the ‘okay’ to get back in the room, you know?” she says with a shrug. “So, I’m on standby, and writing music.”

Twain Celebrating 25th Anniversary of ‘The Woman In Me’

Shania Twain has been a busy woman. Not only has she been writing music, but the crossover artist is celebrating the 25th anniversary of her debut album.

To celebrate this milestone, she released THE WOMAN IN ME: DIAMOND EDITION LP. According to her official website, “The Woman In Me reached Diamond status for shipments of 10 million copies in 1997, then 12 million in 2000. It has sold an estimated 20 million copies worldwide.”

Additionally, the website says, “the album has been remastered to celebrate the album’s 25th anniversary.”