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Shania Twain Has Never Bought Her Son a Birthday Gift: Here’s Why

by Joe Rutland
(ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images

Shania Twain has no desire to spoil her son. That’s one reason the country music superstar has never given him a birthday gift.

Twain comes from a dirt-poor background in Canada where luxuries were very, very few. From her perspective, she doesn’t want her son Eja (prounounced “Asia), who is now 18, to get spoiled.

“He’ll never know my childhood or the way I grew up – it’s like a lifetime away,” Twain said in an interview with The Mirror.

While it’s quite true that Twain has surpassed days with her family struggling, those memories apparently remain part of her view on raising children.

Shania Twain Will Not Give Her Son A Lot Of Presents

She’s very conscientious about how she raises Eja. Shania Twain has never had a list of a lot of presents to give him, even at Christmas. The gifts that she gives are limited in number.

“You have to make a real effort not to spoil your children,” Twain said. “I have to be careful not to let him have everything he wants, so I’ve only ever baked a cake for his birthday gift.”

Twain has amassed great wealth from her record sales, concerts, and Las Vegas residencies. Nevertheless, she still does not see the need to give Eja massive amounts of gifts all the time.

“At Christmas, he’ll have only three presents,” Twain said. “That’s not a rich man’s celebration. A lot of people would send him stuff, and I’d think, ‘How much stuff do you need?’ I tell him that anything he’s not using after a month, we’re giving to charity.”

Twain Does Make Sure Eja Has What He Needs In His Life

Now lest you think Twain is some hardened mother who lets her child go without what he needs. She focuses on making sure Eja does receive gifts, yet apparently wants to simply focus on what he needs.

“There’s no point in pretending that we’re without, though,” she said. “If he needs a shirt, I’ll get him a shirt. I’m not going to act poor if we’re not poor. That’s my approach and I’m just doing my best.”

Shania Twain is a very capable, brilliant singer and songwriter. She’s paid her dues many times over to get to where she is in life today.

Her focus on raising Eja as she does might cause some people to question her motives. Yet, as she said, Twain is “just doing my best” when it comes to being a mother. She does love her son, though, and that’s one thing that cannot be questioned.

Son Plays Role In Helping Twain Go Through Her Divorce

There have been many disappointments in Twain’s life. Her divorce from Robert John “Mutt” Lange after 14 years of marriage was tough to go through. Especially when it involved Lange having an affair with Twain’s assistant, Marie-Anne Thiebaud.

But Thiebaud’s husband, Fredric, told Shania Twain about Lange’s infidelity. Then, Fredric and Shania grew closer and they ended up getting married in 2011.

During an interview with fellow country music singer Kelly Clarkson on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” that it was Eja who kept her going through her divorce.

“You’re like, ‘No, I’m a mom,'” Twain said. “‘I’m gonna do my best. I’m committed to this.’ And that is a very healthy – I don’t want to say distraction, but – preoccupation, that you love and enjoy. So, it just wasn’t always about me all the time and I think that was very very helpful.”