Shania Twain is in ‘New Music Mode’ in Behind the Scenes Studio Clip

by Keeli Parkey

Man! Shania Twain is feeling good these days! So, what is inspiring this happy mood?

According to a video she shared via TikTok this week, the thing that has put a pep in her step is her new music. The clip she shared shows the popular singer and songwriter sitting in a studio. She’s wearing a hat and it’s clear that she is hard at work on something she is really excited about. Twain claps her hands and nods her head along to the music.

The tune is upbeat and has that Shania Twain sound. Let’s hope she shares more information about what she is working on very, very soon!

Here’s what she shared along with the video: “In new music mode😘  #wearehere  #letsgogirls  #whenwomenwin”

Fans Happy to See Shania Twain in ‘New Music Mode’

It’s shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that fans of Shania Twain were very happy to learn that the popular country singer has new music on her mind. And, her fans shared their excitement by commenting on her TikTok video. The singer joined the social media platform during March 2021.

Several fans shared their belief that Twain was here to make 2021 a great year. Here are a few of those comments:

“Shania Twain in 2021 isn’t something I knew I needed.”

“Queen Shania coming to save 2021.”

“Shania is saving 2021 ya’ll.”

“Yes!! NEW MUSIC TO SAVE 2021!”

Other fans simply shared their love with Shania Twain with their comments. Others were very happy to see that the singer has joined TikTok.

“I first started listening to you on cassette tapes with my mom when we would go get groceries when I was a little kid. Can’t wait for the new music!”

“Can’t wait to hear new music!! If the pandemic has been good for one thing, it is all the new music that everybody has been working on.”


“OMG!!! I can’t wait.”

Shania Twain Reveals the ‘Happiest’ She’s Ever Been, and Yes, It Has To Do With Live Music

Obviously, Shania Twain loves music – especially live music.

The Canadian artist talked about that love recently when a fan wanted to know the moment others were at their happiest. For this fan, it was seeing Twain in concert. To make things even better, the fan’s ticket was upgraded to an even better location.

And, Shania Twain was happy to talk about her happiest moments. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that her happy moments have to do with performing live for her fans.

So in response to the tweet by fan “van gogh away,” Twain talked about her happiest moment.

“Love this!” Twain posted when she retweeted van gogh away’s message. “Mine is the moment at the start of a show when the curtain drops and the crowd first see me. I miss performing for you guys so much.”