Shania Twain Questions ‘Cultural Shift’ That Occurred in Country Music and the Genre’s ‘Rule-Breakers’

by Joe Rutland

Singer-songwriter Shania Twain openly wonders where the change from country music’s edginess, which she knew well, took place.

Twain talks about this and other matters in an interview for CTV in Canada and its show “This Is Pop,” which debuted Saturday night, April 3.

Take a minute and watch this clip as Shania Twain talks about what she calls the “cultural shift” within country music.

Shania Twain Stunned By The Change In Country Music

“Country music had changed so much. You had a bunch of quite rebellious artists during that time that was my childhood,” Twain said. “Dolly Parton, in herself, she was talking about her implants and she was in the tabloids every second week.”

Shania Twain recalled Loretta Lynn, called by many “The Queen of Country Music,” writing a song about using “The Pill.”

“About ‘Well, if you can go cheating around, then I can too. All I gotta do is take ‘The Pill,'” Twain said. “By the time I became an adult, country music had homogenized a lot and we lost a lot of that edgy character.”

The edginess of country music included people like Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, and others who fell into the “outlaw country” category.

Twain Admits Pop Superstar Inspires Her These Days

While talking about what country music has, in a way, lost, Shania Twain admitted that she finds inspiration through one pop superstar’s music.

Twain says she is in love with Britney Spears and her music. Spears’ successful residency in Las Vegas gave Twain a lot of hope for her own show. She admits to singing Spears’ songs when she’s listening to some classic pop music.

She spends a good amount of time on her podcast “Home Now Radio with Shania Twain” giving a lot of credit to and putting over the pop star.

“Hit me, baby, one more time,” Twain said. “Oh yeah! Britney Spears. I don’t sound like her, but I sing along to her records.”