Shania Twain Reveals Behind-the-Scenes Stories From ‘Any Man of Mine’ Video Shoot

by Katie Maloney

Country superstar Shania Twain reveals all the juicy secrets from her 1995 music video for “Any Man of Mine.”

Undoubtedly, “Any Man of Mine” is one of Twain’s most iconic hits. It’s become an anthem for single and taken women alike. During the song, she sings about what she will and will not accept from her man. During the song, she sings “Any man of mine better walk the line. Better show me a teasin, squeezing, pleasin kinda time. I need a man who knows, how the story goes. He’s gotta be a heartbeatin, fine treatin, breathtaking, earthquakin kind. Any man of mine.” The song spent 20 weeks on the chart and peaked in the number one spot.

Now, Shania is revealing all the behind-the-scenes details of her music video for the song. Twain recently shared a clip from the video on Twitter. Along with the clip, she wrote, “Another year has flown by, and one full of reflection for a lot of us. It’s now 26 years(!) since The Woman In Me came out. I still feel 26! I took a trip down memory lane to share some stories from the Any Man of Mine video shoot with you.”

Shania Twain Almost Didn’t Have A Music Video For This Song

During the music video, Shania dances on a ranch wearing her iconic cut-off white tank, denim vest, and jeans. The video became a staple in Shania’s career. However, during the video interview, Shania revealed that the video almost didn’t happen after she fought with the director, John Derek.

“I remember we had a big argument during the making of the video because he had his own ideas but so did I…I had a vision about how I wanted to look and how I wanted to present myself,” said Twain. “So we were nose to nose at one point arguing about this and I just said – I was using bad language – but I bascially said, ‘You’re not the boss of me.'”

Twain said that she thought that was the end of her music video.

“That was actually a really tense moment. I thought he was going to leave and quit the video at that point,” Twain said.

However, Derek actually respected Shania more for standing up for herself.

“And he respected me a lot more than I expected and we had a wonderful friendship after that,” said Twain laughing.

Shania also revealed that she was her own fashion director for the shoot.

“I was the fashion designer for this video…and it kind of looks like it,” jokes Twain. “But at the same time, it looks kind of cool. I was feeling kind of sexy, I must say.”

Twain wore director John Derek’s hats and chaps, everything else she got from a department story.

“The brown slip dress, the denim vest, the jeans, right down to the belt, everything was department store shopping – keeping the budget down,” said Twain. “It was fun to me.”

In conclusion, the country superstar said that she learned more about being Shania Twain after making the video.

“I learned a lot about myself. I gained confidence, discipline. It’s really wonderful watching it back after all these years,” she said.

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