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Shania Twain Reveals One of Her All-Time ‘Favorite Photos’ Shot by Bo Derek

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Denise Truscello/WireImage)

Legendary country music singer Shania Twain is giving fans a look at one of her all-time favorite photos on Instagram.

The photo shows Twain taking an outdoors bubble bath as a horse peeks in seeking her attention. In the caption, Twain says it’s one of her all-time faves.

“Me and Slick,” she writes in the caption next to a smiley emoji and horse emoji. “One of my favorite photos of all time, shot by Bo Derek during the filming of “‘Any Man of Mine.'”

Twain and Derek are long time friends and share a love for horses. The two female icons recorded a video in 2014 talking about their love of all things horses. One even says she hopes scientists discover a “horse gene” in the future.

“Our histories are so intertwined with these animals,” Twain says. “There is obviously something instinctive, but I think probably evolutionary, in our love for these animals.”

Derek is a film and television actress, film producer and model. Though now in retirement, she still makes occasional appearances in movies, television shows, and documentaries. Derek describes herself as a horse lover and riding enthusiast and says she has been since her childhood. She is also an activist, acting as a spokeswoman for the Animal Welfare Institute’s campaign against abuse of horses.

Twain, likewise, is a big fan of horses and isn’t shy about including her equestrian love into her music. Twain even likes to bring her horses on stage and often includes them in her music videos, according to a profile on I Love Horses. Now 55-years-old, the legendary singer still finds ways to get her four-legged friends involved. Earlier this year, while performing at an Academy of Country Music television special, Twain brought her horse and dog on stage to take part in the event.