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Shania Twain Shares ‘Postcard From Paradise’ With Picturesque Mountain View

by Jennifer Shea
Andreas Rentz/Getty Images for ZFF

Country singer Shania Twain is living the good life up in the mountains of Switzerland.

On Sunday, Twain tweeted a picture of herself framed by a breathtaking view of snowy peaks near her home there. “Sending you a postcard from paradise (aka Verbier),” she posted.

Twain Is Enjoying Verbier

Twain has been in Verbier since at least 2015. Five years ago, she tweeted a picture from her spacious home there. “Thank you for all of your wonderful Christmas wishes,” she said then. “Lots of love from cozy Verbier, Switzerland!”

Using Pandemic Isolation to Work

But Twain has been busy doing more than just enjoying paradise during the pandemic, she told ET Canada earlier this year.

“I’m enjoying the isolation for a few reasons: closeness with my family, eating every meal together, cooking together, there’s just so much about isolation that is nourishing almost,” she said. “We should do it more often as families.”

Meanwhile, the singer suggested she’s been making good use of the time to work on new music.

“I have to say that I’m feeling inspired,” Twain said. “I’m learning a lot, I’m being very creative in this isolation. I’m spending a lot more time with my husband and my son, and my horses and my dogs. By just isolating ourselves, we’re making the best contribution that we can.”

It’s isn’t always easy for the garrulous musician to find alone time to write songs. But she said the pandemic has actually helped with that.

“Normally, I have to force-isolate in order to allow time in my schedule to just disappear into creative writing,” Twain admitted. “Now that it’s a part of my everyday to sit down at the mic, pick up my guitar and write music, I’m being very productive and it’s great.”

Watch a clip of Twain skiing – and taking a little fall – in Verbier here: